I have been placed on the wait list. What are my chances of receiving an offer?
Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict. First, Western Law makes more wait list offers than it has available spots so as to ensure that a solid number of qualified candidates may be considered should spots become available in the first-year class. Second, the number of students on the wait list and the number of students in the class may change for a variety of reasons at any time. Since it is not possible for us to know of students’ future plans (both those waitlisted and those admitted), it is not possible for us to state with any certainty whether you are likely to receive an offer. Moreover, relying on data from previous years about wait list movement is speculative, as each year is different.

Do you reveal the number of students on the wait list?
No, as the number can change on a regular basis.

Do you specifically “rank” students on the wait list?
It is not our practice to formally rank students on the list. Rather, when a spot opens up, a prospective candidate is selected based on a holistic review of the list of students, the strength of their applications, and the composition of the class at the relevant time.

When are waitlisted students likely to receive offers?
Some may receive offers before July 1. However, it is more likely that offers will be made in July or August. This is because we reserve a number of spots in the first-year class for Western combined-degree students and admissions decisions are not finalized for that applicant group until the end of June. Spots not filled by combined-degree students are offered to waitlisted students.

Does the composition of the wait list change at any time?
Yes. Some waitlisted students have provisionally accepted offers at other law schools but still wish to be considered at Western Law. On July 1, all provisional acceptances at Ontario law schools become firm. This means that students on our wait list who provisionally accepted at another Ontario law school must be removed from our wait list. This also means that if you remain on the list beyond July 1, you are competing with fewer students for spots that may become available.

What if I accept a position at a law school outside of Ontario? May I still remain on Western’s wait list after July 1?
Western is able to obtain information about your acceptance outside of Ontario through the Law School Admission Council, and typically will collect this information in July.
Upon learning of your acceptance elsewhere, you may be contacted about whether you have made a firm decision about attending that law school or whether you would indeed come to Western.  If it is the former, you would be removed from our waitlist. If it is the latter, a note would be added to your file that you are still interested in coming to Western despite your acceptance at the out-of-province school.  Of course, if your plans were to change, we would expect you to notify us so as to be considerate to other waitlisted students. 

What if I accept my wait list offer but then decide I no longer wish to remain on the wait list?
Please advise us right away so that other students on the list may be considered in your place. 

Are students ever removed from the wait list without requesting it?
Sometimes, in mid-August, a review is conducted to determine whether some students on the wait list are unlikely to receive an offer of admission due to the passage of time and the number of students on the list. Rather than give those students an unrealistic expectation of receiving an offer, they are removed from the list. A shorter list remains should a spot become available towards the end of the summer.

When is the latest that an offer of admission may be made?
It is possible for an offer to be made right up until Labour Day weekend. If you have not heard from us by Labour Day, however, it means that we were unable to offer you a position.

I have accepted my wait list offer by submitting the acknowledgement form. How will I know it has been received?
Once your response has been processed you will see the icon change in your Western Student Center from “Wait List Offer” to “Wait List Accepted.”