Combined-Degree Applicants (undergraduate)

What are the advantages of applying to Western Law as a combined-degree student?
1. We set aside spots in our first-year class for successful qualified combined-degree applicants.
2. We are seeking to grow our combined-degree programs.
3. You are able to complete two degrees in six years instead of the seven years it would otherwise take. This saves time and money.
4. The Western Law Admissions Office obtains your Western academic record and adds it to your application, such that you avoid that extra step and extra cost.
5. You pay only one application fee, directly to Western Law.
6. The latest LSAT accepted for Fall admission is June (compared to February for regular first-year applicants).

Where can I find information about how to apply?
Please visit our Combined Degree Programs page.

Is the grading curve that applied in my undergraduate program taken into consideration?

If I was required to take a heavier course load in my undergraduate program, is that taken into consideration?

What is the application deadline?
May 1 for Fall admission.