Important Dates


October 28


November 1 OLSAS Law School Application deadline for Fall 2020 admission (first-year applicants)
Mid-November  Applications are received from OLSAS and processed by Western's Professional Admissions Office. Applicants are sent an email acknowldeging receipt of their application and provided instructions regarding activating their Western Identity. 
November 25 LSAT
Mid-December First round of offers are made and continue on a rolling basis until June. November LSAT scores are received.


January 13 LSAT
Mid-February January LSAT scores are received
February 12 & 13 Phone Campaign - Admitted Students
February 22 LSAT (last test score accepted for Fall 2020 admission)
February 29 Welcome Day for Admitted Students
March 30 LSAT
April 1 Deadline for admitted students to respond to offers of admission through OLSAS
April 25 LSAT
May 1 Application deadline for Fall 2020 admission: 
  • for upper-year applicants through the Ontario Law School Application Service
  • for Western Business or Engineering students seeking entry to combined JD programs (apply directly to Western Law)
June 1 $500 tuition deposit due
June (TBD) LSAT (last test score accepted for upper-year or combined-degree applicants).
Waitlist for first-year positions is finalized.
June 30 Final official transcripts due
July 2 All provisional acceptances registered with OLSAS become firm.
All students whose acceptances become firm at other Ontario law schools are removed from Western's waitlist.
Early July Offers made to upper-year students on a rolling basis
August 4 All upper-year provisional acceptances registered with OLSAS become firm
Late August OLSAS Law School Application opens for 2021 cycle
September 8

Orientation Day for Class of 2023