Chairs and Fellows

Berend Hovius
James G. McLeod Professor in Family Law, January 2018

Randal Graham
Goodmans LLP Faculty Fellow in Legal Ethics, 2017-18

David Grinlinton
Cassels Brock Visiting Professor in Mining Law and Finance, February-April, 2018
Stephen Dattels Visiting Fellow in Mining Law and Finance, January 2018

Ronald McCallum
Hicks Morley Professor in International Labour Law, January 2018

Christopher C. Nicholls
Geoff Beattie Chair in Corporate Law, 2015-2020

Valerie Oosterveld
Faculty Scholar, 2017-18 and 2018-19

Martin Petrin
Richard H. McLaren Visiting Professor in Business Law

Annika Wolfe
Catalyst Capital Fellow in Insolvency Law, January 2018