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The Sport Solution Clinic is a program of AthletesCAN, the association of Canada’s National Team and Olympic and Paralympic Athletes, in conjunction with Western Law School.

AthletesCAN is the only fully independent and most inclusive athlete organization in the country and the first organization of its kind in the world.  As the collective voice of Canadian national team athletes, AthletesCAN ensures an athlete centered sport system by developing athlete leaders who influence sport policy and, as role models, inspire a strong sport culture.

Sport Solution is the only program of its kind in North America and is available to all members of AthletesCAN. To keep up-to-date with all things Sport Solution, please follow us @sportsolutionclinic on Instagram.

Our Mission

Sport Solution is committed to supporting an athlete-centred sport system and strives to achieve this objective by counselling and advocating on behalf of Canada’s high performance athletes so their voices are properly represented when resolving the sport related issues that affect them.

The Clinic

Sport Solution offers Western Law students the opportunity to assist Canadian athletes in preventing and resolving sport-related legal issues. Each year 8 first-year law students join the Clinic as caseworkers, whose responsibilities range from legal research to drafting of athlete agreements. 4 upper-year students provide mentor support as case managers, facilitating the relationship between athletes and caseworkers. 5 upper-year Program Managers oversee the Clinic as a whole, interacting with athletes and National Sport Organizations (NSOs) while directing the day-to-day operation of the Clinic in a leadership role. Program Managers are hired following their first year and hold the position until graduation, but are able to seek summer employment away from the Clinic following second year.

Supervising Lawyer

Amanda FowlerAmanda Fowler

Amanda Fowler is the Supervising Lawyer of the Sport Solution Clinic at Western’s Faculty of Law. Amanda started her sports law career when she represented a college baseball player who was drafted to a major league team. Shortly after, she began practicing sports law by representing Olympic, high-performance and amateur athletes in various sport disputes, including team non-selections, improper carding nominations, human rights and doping infractions. Amanda has successfully represented Canadian and international athletes at the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada and the Court of Arbitration for Sport. One of her most memorable cases was being involved with the Caster Semenya appeal. She continues to advise professional athletes, sport organization and teams. In 2017, Amanda was a pro bono lawyer for the Invictus Games in Toronto.

Program Managers

Anthony Crudo

Anthony Crudo

Anthony Crudo is a third-year law student at Western University. He received a Bachelor of Applied Science at Queen’s University in Computer Engineering. During Crudo’s first year of law school, he volunteered as a Caseworker with the Sport Solution Clinic.

Prior to attending law school, Anthony worked at an international aerospace company and a smart technology start-up. Throughout his professional career, he gained valuable experience working to promote clients’ interests and interacting with multidisciplinary teams. Anthony has also worked with many local and international non-profit organizations through which he supported initiatives including combating youth houselessness and promoting diversity and inclusivity within STEM-related fields.

Anthony is very excited to continue his work with the Sport Solution clinic as a Program Manager. He has a passion for advocacy and focuses on using an empathetic lens in understanding the athlete’s perspective when approaching any case. Anthony is committed to serving Canadian athletes and upholding the Clinic’s high standard of excellence.

Devin D’GamaDevin D'Gama

Devin D’Gama is a second-year law student at Western University. Prior to attending law school, he earned a Bachelor of Sport Management degree at Brock University. During Devin’s first year of law school, he volunteered as a 1L Caseworker with the Sport Solution Clinic.

Devin developed a passion for advocacy throughout his undergraduate degree, where he completed various internships within the athlete agency industry. In these roles, he learned the importance of client servicing and advocating on behalf of the athlete and their best interests. He has become accustomed to the fast-paced nature of athlete representation, which is a valuable asset considering the breadth of files and range of athletes that the Sport Solution Clinic supports.

Devin is excited to combine his passions for sport and the law. Having played competitive basketball and baseball growing up, Devin understands the importance of an athlete’s physical and mental well-being and its effect on performance. He is particularly interested in working to address safe sport and governance inequities that exist in high-performance sport. As Program Manager, he is committed to representing athletes navigating these issues to ensure that they are able to perform to the best of their abilities.

Liv HartLiv Hart

Liv Hart is a second-year law student at Western University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from James Madison University. Liv volunteered as a Caseworker with the Sport Solution Clinic during her first year of law school.

Prior to attending law school, Liv worked at a sorority national headquarters where she provided leadership development training and led the implementation of a national accreditation program for 120 collegiate chapters across the United States. With unique experiences in addressing client needs and working in time-critical environments, Liv values taking the time to understand client challenges and identify strategic solutions.

As a former competitive figure skater, Liv is passionate toward advocating for safe and equitable sporting environments for all athletes. Liv is excited to continue her work with the Sport Solution Clinic as a Program Manager and furthering the Clinic’s mission of supporting an athlete-centered sport system.

Hannah Herrington

Hannah Herrington

Hannah Herrington is a third-year law student at Western University, after earning a Bachelor of Science degree

 in Health, Society and Policy from the University of Utah. She relocated to Vancouver after graduation, where she served as a key member of the provincial health authority and drove the development of innovative and strategic policies.

Her expertise in health care and human resources equips her with a unique ability to navigate complex and fast-paced environments, making her a valuable resource for clients with time-sensitive or multifaceted matters.

During her first year of law school, Hannah volunteered as a Caseworker with Sport Solution, further fueling her passion for advocating for athletes and eliminating obstacles hindering their success. With an interest in health policy, she is particularly invested in the safe sport movement and is eager to help athletes safeguard their physical and mental well-being. As she transitions into the role of Program Manager, she is excited to continue contributing to the clinic's crucial work in empowering athletes.

Dylan Romero-Marshall Dylan Romero-Marshall

Dylan Romero-Marshall is a third-year law student at Western University with a Bachelor of Arts in Justice, Political Philosophy, and Law from McMaster University. During his first year, he volunteered as a Caseworker with the Sport Solution Clinic and the Community Workshops project with Pro Bono Students Canada.

Prior to law school, Dylan was a U SPORTS varsity athlete with the McMaster Marauders men’s volleyball team for five years, helping the team capture multiple Ontario championships and national medals. Outside of sports, Dylan volunteered his time in giving back to the community through a local organization, sparking a keen interest in advocacy.

As a Program Manager at the Sport Solution Clinic, Dylan is excited to combine his passions for advocacy and sports. He is determined to maintain the clinic's high standard of excellence in supporting Canadian athletes. His commitment to service, and passion for advocacy make him a valuable asset to the clinic and the broader legal community.

Joe Van Der Woerd Joe Van Der Woerd

Joe van der Woerd is a second-year law student at Western University. During his first-year at Western Law, Joe was involved in sport law through participating in, and winning the Hockey Arbitration Moot.  He earned a BA in Sport Management from Calvin University, where he focused his research on social issues in sport. Prior to attending law school, Joe gained experience in the sports industry as the operations manager at Howies Hockey Tape.

During his undergraduate studies, Joe competed for the club men’s volleyball team at Calvin University. In his role with the team, he advocated on behalf of the team for increased funding and resources. This experience not only increased Joe’s passion for advocating for athletes but made him aware of the challenges athletes face to maintain their focus on pursuing athletic excellence while dealing with off-the-court issues.

Joe is excited to continue combining his passions for sports and advocacy through his work as a Program Manager for the Sport Solution Clinic. He is committed to upholding the standards of the Clinic and working towards a healthier sports landscape in Canada. He looks forward to working alongside Canadian athletes as they pursue their athletic goals. 

Legal Services

Sport Solution responds to the needs of athletes on a full range of issues including:

General Inquiries and Concerns

Call Early! Sport Solution provides athletes with the relevant information to answer any sport-related legal question. This can often have a preventative function – if the athlete is given the proper information regarding a seemingly small inquiry at an early stage, this will reduce the likelihood that the situation will evolve into a more serious issue in the future.

National Sport Organization Procedures

National Sport Organizations (NSOs) are the bodies that govern sports in Canada (for example, Volleyball Canada). When procedural issues between athletes and NSOs arise, Sport Solution students research and analyze established policies to provide athletes with a clear understanding of their claim or the tools to resolve the situation.


If an NSO renders a decision that an athlete disagrees with, Sport Solution can assist the athlete in appealing the decision (on procedural grounds). Common appeal issues include team selection, funding and doping. Sport Solution students may assist athletes at all levels of appeal, from the internal appeal within the NSO to the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC).

Mediation and Arbitration

The SDRCC is a national alternative dispute mechanism tailored to the fit the needs of the Canadian sport community. If an athlete has an issue that is serious enough to require the services of the SDRCC, Sport Solution students may assist athletes with drafting their documents and advising them on the appeal process. Advocacy for athletes at mediation or arbitration may be provided on a case-by-case basis with direct support from the supervising lawyer and/or pro bono counsel.

Specific Issues We Advise On

  • General Inquiries and Concerns
  • Athlete Agreements
  • NSO Procedures
  • SDRCC Procedures
  • Safe Sport Procedures
  • How to Prepare for NSO Appeals and Arbitration at the SDRCC

The areas of administrative sport law dealt with at the clinic are:

  • Team Selection
  • AAP Funding / Carding
  • Safe Sport
  • Discipline
  • Other Sport Related Legal Concerns

Sport Solution Publications

Sport Solution students provide regular content to AthletesCAN, the SDRCC and Western Law that reviews common concerns within the sporting community and tips on how to deal with these topics.

Recent Sport Solution publications include:

Hours of Operation

2024 Summer Regular Office Hours: [May 8 – Aug 23]

  • Monday to Friday 10am-5pm Eastern Standard Time

2024 Fall Semester Regular Office Hours: [Sept 4 – Dec 5]

  • Monday to Friday 10am-5pm Eastern Standard Time

2025 Winter Semester Regular Office Hours: [Jan 13 – April 11]

  • Monday to Friday 10am-5pm Eastern Standard Time

2024/2025 Sessional Dates where the clinic will be closed

  • November 4-8 – Fall Study Week  
  • December 9-20 - Fall Term Examination Period
  • February 17-21 - Winter Study Week
  • April 14-28 - Winter Examination Period

Contact Information

Facebook: @AthletesCAN
Instagram: @sportsolutionclinic

Prospective Students: If you have any questions regarding Sport Solution, or how to get involved, do not hesitate to email us.

Athletes: CALL EARLY! Sport Solution can better address your needs before the problem escalates. At the Sport Solution, you, the athlete, control the dispute resolution process - we're here to give you the tools to resolve the problem.

Before making contact, it is recommended to organize any relevant information you may have available into digital files creating a background of your situation. This will allow the program managers to efficiently investigate the issue and provide you with a timely response.


Sport Solution is a program of AthletesCAN, the association of Canada's national team athletes. The Program Managers, case managers and caseworkers of the Sport Solution program are law students who can provide athletes with legal information and resources on: sport dispute resolution procedures, athlete agreements and contracts, selection and discipline procedures in sport, and related legal and policy issues.

The Sport Solution Program Managers, case managers and caseworkers are not lawyers and they cannot provide legal advice or opinion. AthletesCAN respects an individual's privacy and any personal or confidential information that is provided to the Sport Solution will be used solely to assist the athlete with their issue or concern, and will not be shared with others without the athlete's consent.