Law School Admission Test

How do I register for the LSAT or learn more about it?
Visit and go to the “FUTURE JD STUDENTS” tab at the top of the page.

When should I write the LSAT?
Only you can be the judge of that based on the time you have to devote to preparation at any given time of the year. You should write when you are ready. You can determine your readiness by the scores you obtain on practice tests in simulated conditions.

Is there any preferred time to write the LSAT?
Writing before you apply to law school is preferred. We recommend writing in June after your third year of university if you intend to apply in the Fall and attend law school the following year right after your first degree program. If you do well on your first writing, then our Admissions Committee will not have to wait for an LSAT score before making an admissions decision with respect to your application. If you do not do as well as expected, you have the opportunity to rewrite in the Fall.

How does Western Law treat multiple LSAT scores?
We review all scores, but will use the highest score for admission purposes. Generally, high scores on the first writing – or consistently high scores over multiple writings – are given greater weight than inconsistent scores over multiple writings. For this reason, applicants are encouraged to plan to do well the first time they write the LSAT.

How do I indicate I am writing a future LSAT after I have submitted my application?
Log into your OLSAS account and from the left sidebar menu of Application Links, select LSAT. Select the Add button, and select Future LSAT Test Dates. Select Save and Continue at the very bottom of the screen.

What is the last LSAT score accepted for Fall admission?
The February score. However, applicants are strongly encouraged to write no later than December if possible.

Am I disadvantaged if I write the LSAT in February?
It depends on the strength of your LSAT score and the strength of the balance of your application. Unfortunately, we do not receive February scores until approximately mid-March. By then, given the rolling nature of our admissions process, many offers of admission have already been made. This means February test-takers are competing for fewer positions in the class.

How long is an LSAT test score valid?
At Western, test scores are valid for five years prior to admission.

Does Western review the LSAT writing sample?
Yes. We consider writing a critical skill for law school study. We look for clear, concise, creative, and well-developed writing samples.

Should I take an LSAT preparation course?
Many students report multiple benefits from taking a course. Whether you should take a course, and which one, depends on your learning style, the time and resources you have available, what is offered in your region, whether you wish to learn in-class, online, or both, and whether you need more preparation on one area of the test over another.

Are there any free LSAT materials available?
Free LSAT materials can be downloaded from the Law School Admission Council website ( Additional materials can be purchased. Some preparation course vendors also offer some free sample material.

Are there any LSAT preparation courses you would recommend?
We do not recommend one commercial vendor over another. You should explore your options by learning what each vendor offers and what would be best for you, and speaking with students who have taken these courses. Some of the more well-known providers include: HarvardReady, IvyGlobal, Kaplan, LSATMax, Oxford Seminars, Powerscore, Prep101, Princeton Review, and Richardson.