Sessional Dates


June 20 Spring Convocation
September 3 Labour Day Holiday
September 4 Orientation Day
September 5 Fall Term Classes Begin
September 5-11 Fall Term Add/Drop Period
October 8 Thanksgiving Day Holiday
October 24-26 Fall Convocation
November 5-7 ADR (First Year)/Study Days (Upper Years)
December 7 Fall Term Classes End
December 10-21 Fall Term Examination Period
December 21 Fall Term Ends

* NB The University Fall Study Days do not apply to the Faculty of Law


January 7 Winter Term Begins
January 7 January Visitors’ Orientation
January 7-25 January Intensive (First Year)
January 8-25 January Intensives (Upper Years)
January 8 January Intensive Add/Drop Period
January 28 Winter Term Regular Classes Begin
January 28 - February 1 Winter Term Add/Drop Period
February 18-22 Law Study Week
February 25 January Intensive Assignment Due Date
April 12 Winter Term Classes End
April 15-18, 22-29 Winter Term Examination Period
April 19 Good Friday (Western Holiday)
April 26 Winter Term Ends
June 14 Spring Convocation