Scholarships and Bursaries

Does Western Law offer any entrance scholarships?
Yes. We offer a number of scholarships for which you are considered automatically if admitted. No separate application is required. For detailed information about our scholarships, please visit the Entrance Scholarships webpage.

When are scholarships awarded?
Dean of Law Entrance scholarships are usually awarded between January and April on the basis of academic merit.  Named entrance scholarships are usually awarded in July.  Criteria for named scholarships may include academic merit, financial need, and/or public service.  

Can I apply for a bursary?
Bursary applications are handled directly by Student Financial Services within the Office of the Registrar. The online Admission Bursary application becomes available in late January. While you do not have to be admitted to the Faculty of Law to submit an application, typically your application will not be processed until you are admitted.  In most cases you can find out how much funding you may qualify for before responding to your offer of admission. 

How do I access the bursary application?
The online application can be accessed on the Office of the Registrar's Bursaries webpage once it becomes available. When you submit your bursary application you are applying for bursary funding (awarded based on financial need). To access the bursary application, you will need your Western Student Number, which is printed above your name on the offer of admission letter. 

Where can I find out more information about student bursaries?
Please visit the Office of the Registrar Bursaries webpage, or
Contact the Student Finances Office at:
Western Student Services Building, Room 1120 
Phone: 519-661-2100

How can I learn more about student finances in general and other sources of financial aid?
Please visit the Office of the Registrar Student Finances webpage, where you can find links to information about OSAP and government loans, fees and refunds, scholarships and awards, bursaries, work study, financial counseling, and more. 

Are there other sources of funding for law school study?
Yes. Most major Canadian banks offer credit lines to law students with preferred interest rates. Contact individual banks for details.