Western Business Law Clinic

The Western Business Law Clinic (WBLC) strives to alleviate the burden of legal complexities put on aspiring entrepreneurs by providing small startup businesses with pro bono legal counsel. At the same time, the WBLC creates an environment for students to learn invaluable practical skills in the area of business law and gain exposure to a wide range of client files.

Here is what one of our students had to say about the WBLC:

"Working at the WBLC offers valuable practical work experience that allows me to hone the skills I have learned in the classroom. Working with our passionate clients routinely exposes me to the unique legal issues facing small businesses and entrepreneurs and gives me the opportunity to provide them with solutions. Ultimately, the WBLC complements my legal education while simultaneously preparing me for future challenges I will face in my career."

Abid Ahmed, Summer Caseworker

Photo of WBLC Students