Mining Law at Western


Western Law is a leader in Canadian business law education and in Canada mining is a significant economic driver. For the mining industry, a commitment to sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and community consultation are important elements of business conduct. At Western Law, our commitment to teaching mining law best practices provides law students with a unique and practical opportunity to learn about this challenging global sector.

Our Curriculum

Western Law’s curriculum doesn’t simply focus on the traditional components of mining law. Western is a leading university in both business and earth sciences. As a result, Western Law embeds strong technical and business aspects of the mining sector into our curriculum, and presents them in a legal context for students to impart a comprehensive understanding of sustainable development in today’s mining sector.

Graduate Diploma in Mining Law, Finance and Sustainability

Our Graduate Diploma in Mining Law, Finance, and Sustainability aims to address the perceived gap between university training and the realities experienced by the extractive industry and associated sectors. Three main principles have been key to the design of the diploma: providing academic leadership, meeting industry needs, and setting new standards in interdisciplinary collaboration. This program is suitable for prospective students with a diverse range of professional and educational experiences. Learn more about the diploma in our graduate study section.

Stephen Dattels Mining Law and Finance Speaker Series

The Stephen Dattels Mining Law and Finance Speaker Series brings in real-world expert mining practitioners together with industry leaders, regulators, academics and NGOs to provide students with a unique bird’s eye-view of the interrelationships between the various industrial stakeholders, as well as the realities of the extractive market.

Our Partners

Thanks to a generous gift from graduate Stephen Dattels (LLB ’72), Western Law has become a leader in mining law and finance education. His contribution supports the Stephen Dattels Mining Law and Finance Speaker Series.