Student Ambassadors

Ask an Ambassador!

Each year the Admissions and Recruitment Office selects students to serve as Western Law ambassadors. Ambassadors assist with events such as Orientation, our annual Welcome Day, recruiting receptions, and the phone campaign. They also give tours of the Faculty of Law and provide general information about their student experience. Below we feature some of our current ambassadors. They would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Western Law. Feel free to email them directly at the email addresses provided.

Colleen Nevison, Class of 2020Colleen Nevison

“I have learned during my academic career that a supportive and collaborative environment where students share their perspectives leads to the best outcomes for me. I chose Western Law because, from my first tour of the law school as an undergrad student, I felt a sense of community among the students. The engaging professors, limitless extra-curricular activities, and challenging advocacy competitions have also helped me develop as a future lawyer. I do not believe there is any better place to grow, learn, and prepare for a legal career.” 

Benny GalBenny Gal, Class of 2020

“Starting law school can be daunting. This was especially true for me given that it was my first time moving away from my hometown. My worries were soon allayed, however. Beginning with O-Week programming and continuing thereafter, I met so many amazing people—students and staff alike—who immediately made me feel comfortable and confident that I made the right decision to attend Western Law. The sense of community manifests in many ways. There are always friends to turn to—be it for class notes, a study partner, or even someone to hit the basketball court with. I have learned that Western Law offers a unique blend of strong academics, exciting social programming, and extensive extracurricular opportunities, and I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else.” 

Monica Faheim, Class of 2020Monica Faheim

“Before law school, I was only vaguely aware of what it meant to become a lawyer. At Western Law, the opportunities to explore your interests, however niche they may be, are endless. Whether you join a clinic, pursue a research opportunity, participate in advocacy competitions, or simply speak to professors who are distinguished in their fields, you will find your passion. And the cherry on top: you will do so in a place that is collegial, supportive, and incredibly fun.”

Jessica BonnemaJessica Bonnema, Class of 2020

“After my first visit to Western Law, I knew it was the school I wanted to call home for the next three years. Western's collegial environment has shown me what a truly supportive community looks like. I always felt that I belonged to something really special in our small group program. With unique extra-curriculars, helpful faculty members, and something fun always happening in our common areas, there are multiple opportunities to get involved. Attending Western Law was the best decision I could have made.”

Eric Blain, Class of 2020Eric Blain

“When I came to law school, it was my first time moving away from home. I was worried about starting this new and important chapter of my life, where I would be out of my comfort zone, but I quickly found a new home at Western Law. The support system At Western was instrumental in helping me stay focused, grounded, and hopeful. Being a student at Western Law means being a member of a community where everyone wants to help you thrive. From experiential learning at the legal clinics, to clubs and committees for just about everything you can think of, you will have endless opportunities to make your law school experience everything you want it to be.”  

Kristin DosenKristin Dosen, Class of 2020

“I initially chose to attend Western Law because of its small class size. At Western I found a truly supportive community that encouraged me to balance my academics with varsity athletics. This positive environment and the small group program allowed me to thrive academically and form lifelong friendships. From advocacy competitions to clinics and extra-curricular clubs, Western Law has a place for everyone. I am proud to attend Western Law and grateful for the opportunities and support it has provided me.”

Gordon Chan, Class of 2019Gordon Chan

 “All my life I have performed best within a supportive and collaborative environment.  Here at Western Law my professors and classmates have been instrumental in creating that type of atmosphere.  I am confident I have formed friendships that will last long after I graduate.  Further, because Western offers numerous extracurricular clubs, advocacy competitions, and legal clinics, I have been able to explore a diverse set of interests.  Studying at Western Law has been everything I hoped for.  I could not be happier with my decision to attend law school here.”

Sakshi PachisiaSakshi Pachisia, Class of 2019

“Before starting law school, I was scared, nervous, and excited all at the same time!  During my time at Western Law those feelings have stayed with me, but I’ve been able to add “comfortable” to that list.    From the accomplished professors to the hard-working peers and from the caring administration to the encouraging barista in Chambers: every person in the Western Law community has pushed me to be a better version of myself.  I have learned so much and I am truly glad I chose Western for my legal education.”


Umar Khan, Class of 2019Umar Khan

“I am happy to have found a home at Western Law. The supportive administration, knowledgeable faculty, and welcoming student body all contribute to making Western Law an inclusive space in which the pursuit of legal knowledge manifests as a shared activity.  Beyond the incredible opportunities offered in refining legal skills, Western Law offers students the ability to continuously grow as concerned individuals through both club and committee involvement, and student-run initiatives focused on community service.”

Tea PrpaTea Prpa, Class of 2019

“Coming to law school was my first time moving away from home, but from the first day at Western Law you are introduced to a community that will always be by your side.  I have felt supported and encouraged throughout the development of my legal career, both professionally and personally.  There are countless resources and opportunities, from clinics to intramurals to clubs, and you will learn about law at the highest level both inside and outside of the classroom.  I can confidently say that my Western Law family has become my home away from home.”