Student Ambassadors

Ask an Ambassador!

Each year the Admissions and Recruitment Office selects students to serve as Western Law ambassadors. Ambassadors assist with events such as Orientation, our annual Welcome Day, recruiting receptions, and the phone campaign. They also give tours of the Faculty of Law and provide general information about their student experience. Below we feature some of our current ambassadors. They would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Western Law. Feel free to email them directly at the email addresses provided.

Haya ShehabHaya Shehab, Class of 2018

 "I chose Western Law for its commitment to its students. From being the first to offer a choice between Ethics and Corporate law in first year to the endless opportunities to get involved with extra-curricular clubs and legal clinics. Western Law’s first year small group program helped me succeed academically and allowed me to form life-long friendships. I could not have asked for a better law school experience.” 

James SonJames Son,  Class of 2018

"I chose Western Law for its class size and academic excellence. Since then, I have learned that there is so much more to the Western Law experience.  I found a terrific support system and lasting friendships in my first-year small group.  I gained invaluable practical experience through numerous advocacy competitions and clinical opportunities.  Western Law is a truly collegial and active community consisting of students, faculty and staff where you will find a sense of belonging and unreserved support to pursue your passion."

Charlotte KnutsonCharlotte Knutson, Class of 2018

“Since I’m from Vancouver, people often ask why I left beautiful British Columbia to come to Western Law. The reasons that I came here were mainly the strong business law focus, the proximity to Toronto, and the small class size that I found encouraged collegiality among students. Needless to say, I was not disappointed once I got here. It is easy to develop strong relationships with your classmates and professors, as people here are always genuinely happy to help another Mustang in need.”

Jenna ZaleskiJenna Zaleski, Class of 2018

“I chose Western Law because I wanted to receive a top quality legal education while also being part of a community. I was concerned that going to law school, I'd be thrown into an overly competitive environment. But Western Law couldn't have been more collegial. The professors, staff, and students are supportive, friendly, and always willing to help out. I couldn't be happier with my decision to attend Western Law for the opportunities it has provided to me and the life-long friendships I've formed.”

Ava WilliamsAva Williams, Class of 2018

"I chose Western Law not only for it's strong academic reputation, but also for its supportive and collegial environment. It was important to me to feel like I belonged to a community. There is something for everyone here - whether it's academic endeavours, mooting programs, intramural sports or volunteering at one of our many clinics. I know my experience here will continue to benefit me long after I graduate. I am proud to be a member of this law school, and I can't imagine completing my degree anywhere else." 

Justyna Parusinski

Justyna Parusinski, Class of 2017

"Having experienced all four years of my undergraduate program as a commuter, I cannot praise the collegial atmosphere at Western Law enough.  Students in all years go out of their way to help each other, I always run into a familiar and friendly face in the building, and I have managed to build relationships with professors and support staff in my short time here. I also love Western because of the numerous opportunities to get involved. These opportunities accommodate a wide variety of interests and legal practice areas, so there is something for everyone."

Joshua Lerner

Joshua Lerner, Class of 2017

“I look back on my decision to attend Western Law with immense pride.  The sense of community at Western makes me excited to come to school each and every day. The tremendous opportunities at the school have taught me to value the importance of a legal education that extends beyond the walls of the classroom. I’m so grateful for my time here and cannot think of a better place to go to law school.”

Alexandra Vaiay

Alexandra Vaiay, Class of 2017

"I chose Western Law because it offers students the total package:  academic excellence, enriching clinical opportunities, multiple internal and external moots, and a true sense of collegiality among students, faculty and staff.  The student body is welcoming and the small class size helps contribute to the sense of belonging that students feel here.” 

Robert Alfieri

Robert Alfieri, Class of 2017

“Western Law provides unique and unparalleled advocacy experiences for its students.  In first year I participated in numerous competitions that sparked my passion for advocacy.  Western Law not only offers a first-class education, but also multiple opportunities to bridge the gap between the classroom and the courtroom so as to provide students with real skills that they can use to successfully transition into their careers.” 

Dennis Beker

Stefani Cuberovic, Class of 2017

“I chose Western Law for its strong academics and faculty, as well as its supportive environment.  The first-year Small Group program helped me succeed academically and allowed me to make lifelong friends.  There are endless ways to get involved, which allows for a rich law school experience.  I know that I made the right choice in attending Western Law because not only am I having a fantastic law school experience, but I will also be well prepared for a successful legal career.”