Student Ambassadors

Ask an Ambassador!

Each year the Admissions and Recruitment Office selects students to serve as Western Law ambassadors. Ambassadors assist with events such as Orientation, our annual Welcome Day, recruiting receptions, and the phone campaign. They also give tours of the Faculty of Law and provide general information about their student experience. Below we feature some of our current ambassadors. They would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Western Law. Feel free to email them directly at the email addresses provided.


Brittany Vanword, Class of 2022Brittany Vanword

"I chose Western Law because of its reputation for fostering a sense of community among students. Since arriving, I have been continuously reminded that I made the right decision. So much support is available for incoming students, from upper-year mentors, faculty, and staff. Most important, I gained amazing friends through Western’s Small Group program. In addition to the inviting environment, I have been able to explore my interest in advocacy by participating in moot competitions and working as a Team Leader at Community Legal Services. I feel very lucky to have had such rewarding experiences so far.  Western Law is the perfect fit for me." ()


David Yun, Class of 2022David Yun

“Before entering law school, I envisioned I would have my head in the books in the library 24/7. Although law school is certainly challenging, I have been able to enjoy Western Law for all it has to offer. I met some of my closest friends during Orientation Week. Those relationships eased my transition and helped me feel comfortable at Western Law. Since then, we’ve been through everything together. In 1L, I participated in various moots, was involved with clubs and committees, secured a summer internship at the Canadian Red Cross, and even hosted a legal podcast through Pro Bono Western! I truly believe that Western Law provides a unique opportunity for personal growth and development.” ()


Sophia Lewycky, Class of 2022Sophia Lewycky

“Starting law school felt very daunting. It was a major life decision and my first time moving away from home. Since arriving at Western Law, I've never looked back. Attending Western has made me more ambitious and pushed me to try things I thought would be intimidating. In first year, I participated in moots, volunteered with Pro Bono Students Canada, was a Staff Editor with the Western Journal of Legal Studies, and co-organized Wellness Week. In the summer I interned with the Ontario Bar Association through the Western Law Internship Program. Thanks to the supportive collegial atmosphere here, I have been encouraged to explore areas of law that interest me and develop my legal skills." ()


Matt De Summa, Class of 2022Matt De Summa

"As an ‘extroverted introvert’, I was amazed at how easy it was to make new friends at Western Law. My Small Group members were my built-in support system. When I had to miss classes due to a scheduled surgery, they came to my aid, sending words of encouragement, sharing notes, and helping me get back on track so my grades wouldn’t suffer. There is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have been able to balance school work with extra-curriculars and competitions if it wasn’t for their support. Law school is competitive, but your bond with your classmates here goes beyond that. There is a real sense of camaraderie and collegiality at Western Law.” ()


Bailey McMaster, Class of 2022Bailey McMaster

"I can confidently say I made the right choice in coming to Western Law. The student community is always supportive, and I made great friends in my Small Group on the first day. Not only did I learn from amazing professors, but I found countless ways to learn about the legal profession outside the classroom too.  I’ve been involved with Community Legal Services, the Western Intellectual Property Association, the Western Health Law Association, and I’ve participated in advocacy competitions. Between the social atmosphere and professional opportunities, Western Law is truly a great place for starting and advancing your legal career."  ()


Brooklyn Hallam, Class of 2021Brooklyn Hallam

"The Western Law community really is like a family. When I started at Western, I did not know anyone and was concerned I would not find a support group or sense of community. Once I met my small group and the upper-year mentors, I immediately felt at ease. I was fortunate to work as a supervisor at Community Legal Services. As a student working in the clinics, you are given quite a bit of autonomy and gain exposure to criminal, landlord/tenant, and civil files. I attended court on my own and interacted directly with clients. There are countless ways to get involved at Western Law and grow both personally and professionally." (


Lex Overton, Class of 2021Alexander Overton

"I was worried about going back to school after taking a few years off to work. Once I started at Western Law, I immediately knew I made the right decision and had a home within the faculty. I made amazing friends through the Small Group Program, gained valuable experience working in the Sports Solution Clinic, and had the opportunity to get involved in a variety of clubs and in student government. Western Law really has something for everyone. Concerns I had about the overly-competitive nature of law school were quickly dispelled; everyone wants to see you succeed and contributes in a meaningful way to your success! " (


Jonathan Kyriacou, Class of 2021Jonathan Kyriacou

"From day one, Western Law has truly felt like home. The small class size and supportive environment have fostered a sense of community that is welcoming and rewarding. The opportunity to learn from excellent faculty, participate in moot competitions, and gain first-hand experience in the Sport Solution Clinic has given me the confidence to enter the legal profession. I could not see myself anywhere but here." (


Taisa Morsky, Class of 2021Taisa Morsky

"As a student from out-of-province, it was important to me to choose a law school with a strong sense of community, small class sizes, and opportunities to get involved in my areas of interest: corporate law, corporate governance, and the natural resources industry. This has all been possible at Western Law! I am a member of the Business Law Society, co-chair of the Distinguished Speakers Committee, and last summer through the Western Law internship program, I completed the Cassels Brock & Blackwell Internship in Mining Finance at Newmont Goldcorp. Western Law has provided me with incredible opportunities and has truly become a home away from home." (


Karsten Carriere, Class of 2021Karsten Carriere

"When sending out my law applications, I knew the most important part of choosing a law school for me would be a strong camaraderie among the student body. Living away from home for the first time, I was looking for a supportive and collaborative environment. Upon arriving at the Welcome Day event, it was evident that Western Law would be this school. The students, faculty, and staff were incredibly easy to talk to and I instantly felt like I belonged. I am now immersed in various committees, associations, and teams. I am so happy to have chosen to start my legal journey at Western Law and could not imagine being anywhere else!" (


Alisha Kapur, Class of 2021Alisha Kapur

“The collegial environment that Western Law fosters really shone through while I was touring the school. Since starting at Western Law, I have had so many amazing opportunities to become involved. I was elected as a 1L Rep for Western's Student Legal Society, and I am now the current VP Administration. I also interned at the World Health Organization in Geneva Switzerland for a summer. This year, I am the co-founder and supervisor of Project Consent, through Pro Bono Students Canada - Western. Being at Western Law I have been exposed to so many amazing, smart, and hard-working individuals. I could not be happier with my decision to attend school at Western Law. ” (


Shannon Dawson, Class of 2021Shannon Dawson

"I was so nervous the first day of law school that my friend who drove me had to practically push me out of the car. Now, Western Law is my home and I am more confident than ever. I could not be more thankful to the faculty and staff who have supported and encouraged me thus far. The opportunities available at Western Law allowed me to discover my passions and explore career options. Last year I was a 1L Intern for the Dispute Resolution Centre (DRC) and a Staff Editor for the Western Journal of Legal Studies (WJLS). I am now the Student Coordinator for the DRC and a Managing Editor for the WJLS! As someone who struggled to find my passion previously, I can confidently say that choosing Western Law was the best choice I could have made for my academic and personal growth." (