Student Ambassadors

Ask an Ambassador!

Each year the Admissions and Recruitment Office selects students to serve as Western Law ambassadors. Ambassadors assist with events such as Orientation, our annual Welcome Day, recruiting receptions, and the phone campaign. They also give tours of the Faculty of Law and provide general information about their student experience. Below we feature some of our current ambassadors. They would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Western Law. Feel free to email them directly at the email addresses provided.


Razvan-Mario Moldovan, Class of 2023Razvan-Mario-Moldovan-August-4_resizeimgae.jpg

"I was drawn to Western Law by the collegial and tight-knit atmosphere fostered here. However, my expectations about law were far exceeded thanks to the close friendships I was able to form with peers that will last far beyond law school, the supportive professors I had the pleasure to learn from, and the amazing level of guidance and help provided by upper-year peers. I was involved in numerous moots during my first year and now work for a small law firm in Oakville. I strongly encourage you to seek out and explore the vast array of opportunities provided at Western for your personal development as a future legal professional." (


Sarah Chen, Class of 2023Sarah_Chen-July-8_resizeimage.jpg

"On the first day of school, I was so nervous I accidentally left my phone at home! Even though I studied at Western for my undergrad, entering law school is a daunting experience for everyone. I was fortunate enough to participate in moots, the Business Law Society, and Pro Bono Students Canada.  I also completed the McCarthy CIBC summer placement through the Western Law Internship Program, which was an amazing experience! The Western Law community is incredibly supportive, which means you can reach out to students, faculty, and alumni!  The best advice I can give is to explore in your 1L year and seek support when you need it!" (


Delara Jamshidi, Class of 2023Delara_Jamshidi-July-7_resizeimage.jpg

"I chose Western Law because of its collegial environment, business law advantage, and extracurricular opportunities. Upon visiting Western on Welcome Day, I knew this was the school for me, and my impression was rightfully confirmed throughout 1L.  My expectations were surpassed as I built relationships with professors, friendships with peers, and connections with upper-year students, all of whom helped me make the best out of my 1L experience. Further, my involvement in many internal moots and as a 1L Caseworker on the Western Business Law Clinic were amazing experiences that supplemented what I was learning in the classroom by putting it into real-life practice. I couldn’t be happier with my decision!" (


Daniel Alievsky, Class of 2023Daniel_Alievsky-July-7resizeimage.jpg

"I couldn't be happier with my decision to attend Western Law.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out how readily available everyone is to offer support. With the help of faculty, staff and students, I was able to push myself to new limits.  In my first year, I worked with the Western Business Law Clinic, volunteered with Pro Bono Students Canada, and was elected to be the 1L (and now 2L) representative for my class.  I am now working my dream job in Toronto.  I'm beyond thankful for the opportunities Western Law has provided and the connections and friends I've been able to make." (


Raza Husnain, Class of 2024Raza Husnain

"When choosing a law school, Western Law gave me a distinct sense of community and it certainly did not disappoint! In my first year, I not only thrived academically, due to the support of my professors and Small Group, but I was able to blossom socially by getting involved in the clubs and organizations. I contributed to groups that are meaningful to me, such as OUTLaws, and I was even able to start my own club called the Fashion Law Society! I found that the balance of academics and social experiences enriched my time at Western Law and have allowed me to personally grow immensely." (


Nandini Nair, Class of 2024

Nandini Nair

"Throughout my legal studies thus far, I have felt supported by the faculty, staff, and upper-year students at Western Law. In first year I participated in the Torys' Negotiation Competition, volunteered with Pro Bono Students Canada, worked as an Associate Caseworker with the Community Legal Services Clinic, was VP Public Relations for the Western International Students' Association, and participated in the Mindfulness at Law School course. In the summer I interned with the Canadian Red Cross through the Western Law Internship Program. I have been able to develop my legal skills, make amazing connections, and explore areas of law that  interest me. I am very happy that I chose Western Law to start and advance my legal career." (