Getting Ready for September

How do I find housing information?
Beyond information you may receive from upper-year students or future classmates via the Class Facebook page, Western has both on-campus and off-campus housing services. Please visit both Housing at Western and Western's Off Campus Housing Services. This information can be found in your digital offer materials. 

When will I receive information about Orientation?
Details about both the academic orientation and the social orientation for the first week of September are typically distributed via email in late August. Plan to be very busy during your first week at Western Law! 
We also plan a Zoom Meet & Greet information session in early August.

Do I have to select my courses?
First-year students do not have to select courses in advance. The first-year curriculum is prescribed. You will take Torts, Contracts, Property Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Legal Research, Writing and Advocacy, and Corporate Law or Ethics (Winter term). Further information about the Corporate/Ethics option will be provided during the Fall term.

When do I receive my class schedule for the Fall?
Typically you can expect to receive your class schedule and Small Group assignment the week before school begins.

Can I expect to have any days off during the week?
No. Classes typically run Monday through Friday.

I need a proof of enrolment letter in order to secure a credit line.  How do I obtain one?
Once you have firmly accepted your Western Law offer, please complete the Request for Confirmation of Enrolment Letter form with the name of the financial institution and the contact information of the branch representative with whom you are dealing.  We will prepare a letter and send it directly to the branch representative.