Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

I didn’t receive a scholarship with my offer of admission. Does that mean I will not be considered for one?
Scholarship awards are made separate from admission decisions. Please visit our Scholarships and Bursaries FAQ for more information.  

Can I find out in advance whether I qualify for a bursary?
Yes. To be considered for financial assistance, please complete the bursary application online here. By completing this application you are applying for bursary funding (awarded based on financial need) and consideration for need-based awards. Depending on when you apply, the Financial Services Office may be able to inform you directly if you qualify for an entrance bursary and the anticipated amount, before you make a decision about your offer of admission. If you qualify for a bursary it will be credited directly to your Western tuition account in the Fall. To access the bursary application, you will need your Western Student Number, which is printed above your name on the offer of admission letter.

I have accepted my offer. Will Western “bill” me for the deposit in my Student Center account?
No. Do not expect a formal notation in your Student Center account indicating you owe the University $500.00. Rather, simply pay the $500.00 tuition deposit by following the instructions in your digital offer package.

How will I know that my $500.00 deposit has been received?
Once you have paid your deposit AND it has been posted to your account, you will see the sum paid (e.g., “$-500.00”) under “Account Summary” in the Finances Section of your Western Student Center account. You may consider that acknowledgement of receipt of these funds. Once generated, the online detailed statement of account becomes your receipt.

When is the University’s approved tuition schedule published?
Fee schedules are available online here, usually by late June. 

When is tuition due?
The first installment of tuition is typically due August 15, and the second installment is due December 1. In late June, tuition fees for first-year law students will be calculated and your online statement of account will be generated (unless your offer of admission was made after June, in which case your statement of account will be generated shortly after). Upper-year tuition is calculated around mid-July. Please check your Western Student Center account regularly.  You can view all charges and payments under “Account Summary” in the Finances section of your Student Center account.

What are the methods of payment?
Please visit this website to learn more. Most students find online banking to be the most efficient method of payment.

I need a proof of enrolment letter in order to secure a credit line.  How do I obtain one?
Once you have firmly accepted your Western Law offer, please complete the Request for Confirmation of Enrolment Letter form with the name of the financial institution and the contact information of the branch representative with whom you are dealing.  We will prepare a letter and send it directly to the branch representative.

What if I can’t pay my tuition by the due date?
Late penalties will be assessed if tuition is not paid by the due date. If you require special arrangements you will need to contact a student financial officer at or 519-661-2100.

What if I am receiving a government student loan?
If you are using OSAP funds (Ontario student loans) to pay tuition you must apply for OSAP by June 30 to ensure funding is available at the start of your study period.  Please visit the Office of the Registrar – Student Finances – OSAP &  Government Loans website to review the timelines relating to OSAP funding.

What if I am receiving an out-of-province student loan? 
For information about out-of-province loans and tuition deferral, please visit Western’s Out of Province Loans website.

What if I am receiving a scholarship or bursary that has not yet been credited to my tuition account?
You may pay the tuition owing less the amount of the scholarship or bursary you are receiving. You should see at the bottom left of your statement of account “Total Anticipated Aid.” You may deduct the amount showing under this field from your first tuition installment or your balance owing.

How is tuition assessed if I am a part-time student?
Tuition is assessed on a per-course basis. For the most up-to-date tuition information for part-time study, please open the “Fall/Winter Tuition” link at this website, and review the Undergraduate Per Course Fees PDFs.

Can I opt out of any ancillary or supplemental fees (e.g., Health and Dental Coverage)?
Students may opt out of optional fees within a certain timeframe. Please visit the Ancillary Fee Descriptions section on the Office of the Registrar website to learn more and select "Undergraduate Ancillary Fees". If you have existing medical coverage you can opt out of he University's health plan by visitng the USC website.