Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

I didn’t receive a scholarship with my offer of admission? Does that mean I will not be considered for one?
Dean of Law Entrance scholarships are awarded in March on the basis of academic merit.  Named entrance scholarships, which are listed on the Western Law website, are awarded in June.  Criteria for named scholarships may include academic merit, financial need, and/or public service.  No separate application is required for these scholarships.  

Can I find out in advance whether I qualify for a bursary?
Yes. To be considered for financial assistance, please complete the bursary application on-line at By completing this application you are applying for bursary funding (awarded based on financial need) and consideration for need based awards. Depending on when you apply, the Financial Services Office may be able to inform you directly if you qualify for an entrance bursary, and the anticipated amount, before you make a decision about your offer of admission. If you qualify for a bursary it will be credited directly to your Western tuition account in the Fall. To access the bursary application, you will need your Western Student Number, which is printed above your name on the offer of admission letter.

I have accepted my offer. Will Western “bill” me for the deposit in my Student Center account?
No. Do not expect a formal notation in your Student Center account indicating you owe the University $500.00. Rather, simply pay the $500.00 deposit as indicated on the “Paying Your Tuition” information sheet included with your offer package.

How will I know that my $500.00 deposit has been received?
Once you have paid your deposit and/or tuition AND it has been posted to your account, you will see the sum paid (e.g., “$-500.00”) under “Account Summary” in the Finances Section of your Western Student Center account. You may consider that acknowledgement of receipt of these funds. Once generated, the online detailed statement of account becomes your receipt.

When is the University’s approved tuition schedule published online?
Usually by late-June at this link:

When is tuition due?
The first installment of tuition is due August 15, 2017 and the second installment is due December 1, 2017.  In late June, tuition fees for first year law students (upper year tuition is calculated around July 10) will be calculated and your online statement of account will be generated (unless your offer of admission was made after June, in which case your statement of account will be generated shortly thereafter). Please check your Western Student Center account regularly.  You can view all charges and payments under “Account Summary” in the Finances section of your Student Center account.

What are the methods of payment?
Please refer to the insert in your offer package entitled “Paying your Tuition” for further information about methods of payment and the time frames within which payment is processed. Most students find online banking to be the most efficient method of payment.

What if I can’t pay my tuition by the due date?
Late penalties will be assessed if tuition is not paid by the due date. If you require special arrangements you will need to contact a student financial officer at or 519-661-2100.

What if I am receiving a government student loan?
To guarantee OSAP funds are available to pay your tuition for the start of school you must ensure that you upload supporting documentation in a timely manner by logging into your OSAP account or submit any requested supporting documentation to the Financial Aid Office at Western. Students using OSAP to pay tuition, and/or ensure funding is received at the start of their study period should apply by June 30.  Your Master Student Financial Aid Agreement (if required) must be completed and submitted to a Canada Postal outlet.  You must log into your OSAP account to ensure the Ministry has received your documentation and to verify that your funding will cover the tuition owing before your tuition due date.  To inquire about a tuition deferral contact a student financial officer at or 519-661-2100.  Alternatively, you may pay the tuition in full and when your government loan is received and credited to your tuition account, you will be issued a refund cheque for any overpayment.  Refunds are sent by mail or can be made available for pick-up at Student Central upon request (identification is required). 

What if I am receiving an out-of-province student loan?
If you are receiving government student loans from another province and wish to defer your tuition, bring a copy of your Government Student Loan Notice of Assessment to Student Central, Room 1120, Western Student Services Building.  Alternatively, you may submit a written request for a tuition deferral, along with a copy of your Government Student Loan Notice of Assessment, by fax to 519-850-2394, or mail to: Western University, Student Financial Aid, Room 1100, Western Student Services Bldg, London, Ontario, N6A 3K7. Please include your name and student number on any documentation submitted.

What if I am receiving a scholarship or bursary that has not yet been credited to my tuition account?
You may pay the tuition owing less the amount of the scholarship or bursary you are receiving. You should see at the bottom left of your statement of account “Total Anticipated Aid.” You may deduct the amount showing under this field from your first tuition installment or your balance owing. Please direct any inquiries to or 519-661-2100.

How is tuition assessed if I am a part-time student?
Tuition is assessed on a per-course basis.
Please refer to the Undergraduate Canadian Part Time tuition schedule at this link:
Please direct any inquiries to or 519-661-2100.

Can any ancillary or supplemental fees be waived?
No. However, by providing acceptable proof of comparable coverage, students may opt out of the student health benefit plan administered by the University Students Council. For further information visit the “Services” Tab at