Admitted Students - General

When and how can I accept my offer?
OLSAS begins registering offers of acceptance in mid-January. All responses to law school offers are processed by OLSAS using the SAM (Secure Applicant Messaging) tool. Please log on to your completed OLSAS application using your username and password. Then click on the appropriate link and follow the online instructions. You will receive a confirmation number via email once you have saved and submitted your response. 

I have only seen my online offer of admission. How do I find out what to do next?
You will receive a full offer package by regular mail that contains detailed instructions on how to accept your offer, pay the deposit and tuition, apply for financial aid, access housing information, and join the Class Facebook page, among other things. If you are not living at the address to which the package was mailed, have a family member forward it to you so that you have all this information at your fingertips. If you receive an offer before early February, there will also be information in the package about events to which you have invited for which we are seeking an RSVP. Please be sure to be in touch with us.

Do you have Welcome events for students admitted after early March?
Unfortunately, we are not in a position to hold additional Welcome events in the late spring or summer. However, we encourage you to visit the law school at any time for a tour and speak with Admissions or student ambassadors to gather more information about Western Law. Please contact or Jennifer Fawcett-Cornish (Admissions & Recruitment Associate) at 519-661-3347 to make arrangements.

I have asked to be added to the Class Facebook page but was not added. Why not?
If you are not added to the Facebook page within one week of making your request, it could be because we do not recognize you as an admitted student. Perhaps your Facebook name is different than the name with which you are registered with the University. If so, please email to tell us who you are and what your Facebook name is. We can then make the connection and add you to the page.

How can I meet some of my classmates before school starts?
Students typically arrange meetings among themselves through the use of the class Facebook page. Law school student ambassadors are also members of your class Facebook group and may post social events before the school year begins. You should feel free to post any questions you may have relating to Western Law on the Facebook page. Ambassadors will shower you with helpful information. The page is also a great source of information for housing, especially if you are looking for a roommate.

Is it possible to defer my admission to the following year?
Requests for deferrals may be granted under certain circumstances. If you require a deferral, contact the Assistant Dean (Admissions & Recruitment), Danielle Lacasse, at or 519-661-3356.