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December 2019 – Professor Margaret Ann Wilkinson's co-edited volume New Paradigms in the Protection of Inventiveness, Data and Signs, published by Éditions Yvon Blais, appeared and contains both a peer-reviewed chapter by Professor Wilkinson ("Health Personal Data Protection and Data Exclusivity") and another by her Western Law doctoral student Darinka Tomic ("Challenging Intellectual Property").

August 2019 – Professor Valerie Oosterveld published “The Construction of Gender in Child Soldiering in the Special Court for Sierra Leone” in Mark A. Drumbl and Jastine C. Barrett eds), Research Handbook on Child Soldiers (Elgar Publishers)

July 2019 - Tom Telfer co-edited the casebook, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law in Canada: Cases, Materials, and Problems (Irwin Law), with Stephanie Ben-Ishai.  

July 2019 - Professor Erika Chamberlain co-authored “When Should Casinos Owe a Duty of Care Toward Their Patrons?” in the Alberta Law Review.

May 2019 - Doug Ferguson's article "Supervision in the Clinic Setting: what we Really Want Students to Learn" was published in the Internatioanal Journal of Clinical Education"

May 2019 - Professor Kate Berger has published "The Demands of Unwritten Constitutionalism on Institutional Design" in the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL) blog

October 2019 – Professor Valerie Oosterveld presented ‘Gender and International Humanitarian Law: Current Issues’ on a panel at the Canadian Council on International Law conference in Ottawa. She also served as a discussant for keynote speaker Professor Payam Akhavan.

October 2019 - Professor Thomas Telfer was an invited speaker at the Federation of Law Societies of Canada Annual Conference in St. John's. His talk was entitled, "Mindfulness and the Legal Profession"

August 2019 - Professor Margaret Ann Wilkinson presented "To Monopolize or Not to Monopolize: IP in the Age of Data" and spoke on a panel about “The Role of Libraries and Repositories in IP Education and Research” at the Congress of the International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property [ATRIP] in Nashville, Tennessee. 

June 2019 - Professor Tom Telfer presented, "The Zero Suicide Initiative" at the National Health Leadership Conference in Toronto.

December 2019 - Professor Thomas Telfer was quoted in the Toronto Star "Rack up debt. Declare bankruptcy. Repeat. And repeat again. How thousands of Canadians are doing it and costing the rest of us"

November 2019 - Dean Erika Chamberlain was quoted in the Globe and Mail article "Former Ontario police commander Brad Blair challenges new law that limits lawsuits against province"

November 2019 - Professor Chi Carmody's opinion piece in the Financial Post "In one month the WTO court of appeal goes lights out. We'll be in uncharted global trade waters"

September 2019 - Professor Chi Carmody writes op-ed in Financial Post "The WTO's dispute resolution authority is worth saving"

August 2019 - Professor Margaret Ann Wilkinson was quoted in "'Anne of Green Gables' Dispute Looks at New Discovery Rules" by Anita Balakrishnan in the Law Times

May 2019 - Professor Michael Lynk, "Canada's updated trade agreement with Israel violates international law" was published in The Conversation Canada

May 2019 -Professor Erika Chamberlain, “Ontario Government Seeking to Insulate Itself from Lawsuits” was published in The Conversation Canada.