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July 2019 - Tom Telfer co-edited the casebook, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law in Canada: Cases, Materials, and Problems (Irwin Law), with Stephanie Ben-Ishai.  

July 2019 - Professor Erika Chamberlain co-authored “When Should Casinos Owe a Duty of Care Toward Their Patrons?” in the Alberta Law Review.

May 2019 - Doug Ferguson's article "Supervision in the Clinic Setting: what we Really Want Students to Learn" was published in the Internatioanal Journal of Clinical Education"

May 2019 - Professor Kate Berger has published "The Demands of Unwritten Constitutionalism on Institutional Design" in the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL) blog

Apr. 2019 - Professor Melanie Randall co-authored a report with Lori Haskell, commissioned by Justice Canada, entitled "The Impact of Trauma on Adult Sexual Assault Victims"

Feb. 2019 - Professor Stephen Pitel - "What Does it Mean to Submit to A Foreign Forum?" (Blog Post)

Feb. 2019 - Prof. Margaret Ann Wilkinson's “What is the role of new technologies in tensions in Intellectual Property?” is Chapter 1 in Tana Pistorius (ed) Intellectual Property Perspectives on the Regulation of Technologies [ATRIP IP Law Series]

August 2019 - Professor Margaret Ann Wilkinson presented "To Monopolize or Not to Monopolize: IP in the Age of Data" and spoke on a panel about “The Role of Libraries and Repositories in IP Education and Research” at the Congress of the International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property [ATRIP] in Nashville, Tennessee. 

June 2019 - Professor Tom Telfer presented, "The Zero Suicide Initiative" at the National Health Leadership Conference in Toronto.

June 2019 - Professor Margaret Martin was an invited speaker at the University of Catanzaro hosted by Prof. Massimo La Torre. Her talk was titled: Alexy and the Dual Nature of Law: Exploring the "Real" through the "Ideal".

May 2019 - Professor Telfer presented, "Mental Health, Stigma and Coping Strategies" at the St. Joseph's Health Care Mental Health Family Education Course.

Apr. 2019 - Professor Telfer was an invited speaker at the "Introducing Mindfulness" seminar hosted by Sigma Assessment Systems

Mar. 2019 - Prof Kostal gave invited papers on his forthcoming book “Laying Down the Law: The American Legal Revolutions in Occupied Germany and Japan at law schools; Columbia; New South Wales; Melbourne; Tasmania

Mar. 2019 - Prof Kostal gave workshops with Dean Chamberlain on “Canada’s Private Law Revolution” with law professors at Melbourne; Private Law Research Group, Berne School of Law, Univ of Queensland, Brisbane

Mar. 2019 - Professor Margaret Martin was an invited speaker at the University of Catanzaro, Italy. She delivered a lecture on her book, Judging Positivism (Hart, 2014) for a graduate seminar in their faculty of law

August 2019 - Professor Margaret Ann Wilkinson was quoted in "'Anne of Green Gables' Dispute Looks at New Discovery Rules" by Anita Balakrishnan in the Law Times

May 2019 - Professor Michael Lynk, "Canada's updated trade agreement with Israel violates international law" was published in The Conversation Canada

May 2019 -Professor Erika Chamberlain, “Ontario Government Seeking to Insulate Itself from Lawsuits” was published in The Conversation Canada.

May 2019 - Professor Claire Houston’s article “Determining best interests of trans and gender non-conforming children” was published in the Lawyers Daily.

May 2019 - Professor Sam Trosow “Fighting Doug Ford’s cuts to Ontario Libraries” published in The Conversation Canada

May 2019 - Prof. Margaret Martin has become a member of the editorial board for the American Journal of Jurisprudence.

Apr. 2019 - Prof. Claire Houston's study was featured in the CBC article "Can judges do better for trans kids in family law cases? Western study aims to find out."