Western Law announces new Advisory Council

November 18, 2021

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Western Law is proud to announce the appointment of its Western Law Advisory Council. This group of committed and knowledgeable leaders in the legal profession will lend their varied perspectives and experiences to further the faculty’s mission and will have a direct impact on Western Law’s immediate and long-term future.

“The establishment of the Advisory Council signals a new phase in Western Law’s development. I am delighted that these distinguished alumni have agreed to serve in this capacity," said Dean Erika Chamberlain, LLB'01. "They bring a diversity of experiences, skills and professional networks to the table, and will play an important role as Western Law seeks to enhance its reputation and the high-quality legal education we offer.”

The Council will be Chaired by Mitch Frazer, LLB'99, with Rosemary McCarney, LLB'77 as Vice-Chair.

Members serving on the Western Law Advisory Council are:

Mary Abbott, LLB'96
Reena Bhatt, LLB'94
Chris Bredt, LLB'79
Patricia (Trish) Callon, LLB'87
Rosemary McCarney, LLB'77
Steve Coxford, LLB'77
Mitch Frazer, LLB'99
Paula Lombardi, LLB'01
Erin Rankin-Nash, JD'08
Robert (Bob) Rooney, LLB'83
Leslie Ross, LLB'88
Jana Steele, LLB'96