Extended-time JD Program

The Extended-time JD Program is available for up to five students entering first year. The program is designed for students who cannot manage a full-time program because of family responsibilities, health problems, disabilities, financial necessity, or other special circumstances.

If you are interested in our Extended-time program, you should include as part of your application a separate statement outlining why you may not be able to carry a full course load.  Alternatively, this could be discussed in your personal statement.  You should apply to the Extended-time JD program at the same time as you apply to first-year law through the Ontario Law School Application Service. You are required to meet existing admissions criteria for the admissions category in which you apply.

If admitted you would be required to take in first year law a minimum of four courses: Orientation to Law and the Legal System, Legal Research, Writing and Advocacy, and two of the following five core courses: Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Property, or Torts.  You would be required to have a flexible schedule, as this is not an evening program. Most of the courses are offered during the day.

The program must be completed within six years.  However, you may be permitted to transfer to full-time attendance if desired.  Similarly, current full-time students who meet the eligibility criteria may transfer into the Extended-time Program.

Extended-time students are eligible for any entry scholarships or bursaries that are not restricted to full-time students, as well as any prizes or awards in individual courses.