Extended-Time JD Program

The Extended-Time JD Program is available to students who have been admitted to the JD Program. The program is designed for students who cannot manage a full-time program because of family responsibilities, health problems, disabilities, financial necessity, or other special circumstances. These should be discussed in the Personal Statement.

You should apply to the Extended-Time JD program at the same time as you apply to first-year law through the Ontario Law School Application Service. You are required to meet existing admissions criteria for the admissions category in which you apply.

Students in the Extended-Time JD Program are required to take Legal Research, Writing and Advocacy, a small-group core course, and one or two additional core courses in their first year of study. The balance of the first-year JD curriculum must be completed in the second year of study. Some flexibility is required if you are admitted to the Extended-Time JD Program, as most courses will be scheduled during regular daytime hours. 

The program must be completed within six years.  Extended-Time students are allowed to transfer to full-time attendance and full-time students who meet the eligibility criteria are allowed to transfer into the Extended-Time JD Program.

Extended-Time students are eligible for any entrance scholarships or bursaries that are not restricted to full-time students, as well as any prizes or awards in individual courses.