Applications - Graduate Combined Programs

Students in the following graduate combined-degree programs may complete both degrees in less time than the four years required if the degrees were completed separately. These programs are designed for students who envision a career where law and another discipline intersect.

  • JD/MBA (Ivey Business School)
  • JD/MSc (Geology or Geophysics)
  • JD/MA (History)

To see the formal requirements for the program you are interested in, please visit Western's Academic Calendar.

Law School Admission Test

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is required for all combined-degree applicants.  JD/MA and JD/MSc applicants are encouraged to write the test no later than January in the year of application.  JD/MBA applicants must write the test by November.  A score at or above the 80th percentile is considered a competitive score for applicants to combined programs. Applicants can create an account with the Law School Admission Council and register for the LSAT online at


The JD/MBA program provides an exceptional education for highly motivated, talented students capable of managing the demands of two intensive programs simultaneously.  Graduates from the JD/MBA program are uniquely positioned to pursue highly rewarding careers in law and business and make valuable contributions to fields that require the application of both disciplines. 

Students in this program, who are expected to have at least two years of quality work experience prior to beginning the program, will begin with the business essentials component of the MBA from March to August prior to beginning first-year Law. Both degrees are completed in 38 months instead of the four academic years that would be required if the degrees were completed separately.     

Applications to the JD/MBA must be submitted to both programs: 

Law:   Apply to Western Law through the Ontario Law School Application Service by November 1Check both “JD” and “JD/MBA” when selecting the programs to which you are applying.  There is no extra cost associated with this.  (If you select only JD/MBA you will still be considered for the JD program.)

Business:  The application to the MBA is available on the Ivey Business School website.   

Applicants to the combined program should demonstrate:

  • Leadership potential, as demonstrated on their autobiographical sketch or resume;
  • Quality work experience, defined as a minimum of two years of full-time experience; and
  • A strong academic record, demonstrated by a solid undergraduate average and a strong LSAT score. Candidates with LSAT scores of 160 or above are not required to write the GMAT. 

Information about JD/MBA tuition may be found on the Office of the Registrar website.  See the “Combined Programs-Canadian” link under Student Finances - Fee Schedules.

JD/MSc (Geology or Geophysics)
JD/MA (History)

Applications to the JD/MSc or JD/MA combined programs must be submitted to both programs separately. This can be done in one of two ways. 

  1. Apply to both programs separately by the deadlines established by the Faculty of Law (November 1 for Fall admission) and the Geology/Geophysics or History Graduate Programs, as the case may be. The application to the JD program is available at the Ontario Law School Application Service website.
  2. After beginning first-year Law, apply to the MSc program or the MA program by the deadline established by the Geology/Geophysics or History Graduate Programs.

In either case you must indicate in both applications your intention to pursue the combined-degree program.  If you pursue path #1, this can be done in your law school application by discussing it in your personal statement.