Western Law welcomes the Class of 2025

September 09, 2022

Quinn Ross

Quinn Ross (Class of 2004)

Western Law welcomed its incoming class at an induction ceremony held on September 6, which introduced them to the study of law and the role of lawyers in society. 

“We are honoured to be sharing this day with you,” Dean Erika Chamberlain told the Class of 2025. “You’re not just joining a law school today; you’re taking your first step in joining the legal profession.  Lawyers play a fundamental role in sustaining our modern democracy – this is both our privilege and our responsibility.” 

Mr. Quinn Ross, Western Law, Class of 2004, gave the keynote address, highlighting the important and meaningful work that lawyers perform. “You stand in the face of opportunities that will present themselves throughout your career: to support that person who, without your assistance, would find themselves put upon by the state, by a stronger actor, or by an uneven bargaining position. It is an incredible role you play in society.”  

Students also received greetings from Kathryn Manning, Second Vice-President of the Ontario Bar Association, who encouraged them to make professional connections and practise law with integrity, civility and professionalism.   

Mark McAuley

Mark McAuley (Class of 2018)

Mark McAuley (JD'18), representing Western Law’s inaugural Young Alumni Advisory Council, had three key pieces of advice for incoming students: “Engage with the material. Respect and connect with classmates. Remember who you are: whatever lights a fire inside of you now, that will be what keeps you going through law school and beyond.”  

The students recited Western Law’s professionalism pledge, affirming their commitment to honesty and integrity, and to using their education to serve the public good. 

Kennedy Neustaeter, President of Western’s Student Legal Society, welcomed the new class, highlighting how quickly three years will fly by. “Lean into the experience. Make as many friends and memories as you can.  Embrace the good and the bad and the stressful, because you’re only here for a short time.  Take advantage of all of it because it will be over before you know it.”  

Associate Dean (Academic) Chris Sherrin told the incoming students their class was a varied and impressive one. “You come from across the country and around the globe. You have studied a wide variety of disciplines and worked in an amazing array of jobs. Sixteen percent of you have a graduate degree. Among you are accomplished musicians, varsity athletes, and even lawyers from other jurisdictions.” He also noted the many organizations for which the students volunteer and the ways that they contribute to the communities around them. 

Dean Chamberlain assured students that, whatever their circumstances and past experiences, “You belong here at Western Law, and you belong in the legal profession.” Reflecting on her own time at Western Law, she said, “One thing that has remained constant is our sense of community. I promise it will only be a couple of days before you understand what makes Western Law so special.” 

Western Law would like to thank the OBA for generously sponsoring the students’ induction ceremony and lunch.

Group photo of induction ceremony participants