PhD student earns scholarship to top think tank

Lisa MacklemA prestigious scholarship will allow a Western Law doctoral student the opportunity to research at a leading international law think tank on international governance.

Lisa Macklem, who received her JD from Western Law and is currently pursuing her PhD here, has been awarded a $24,000 scholarship to work in residence as part of the International Law Research Program (ILRP) of the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI).

Macklem’s work centres on digital content delivery in the global environment with a focus on the film and television industry.  It’s an interest that grew out of her background in IP and IT at Western Law and her LLM in Entertainment and Media Law earned at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles.

The scholarship will allow her access to a wide network of CIGI fellows to develop best practices and strategic advice for issues related to international intellectual property, innovation and commercialization laws.

“The Internet is affected by so many international concerns such as security and overall governance and the global economy,” she says.  “It’s terrific to engage with experts in regulation, policy, economics, intellectual property, and the law at the Centre.”

Macklem’s goals include policy development - particularly in relation to Canada's digital economy and cultural concerns as well as the global impact of IP regulation.

“We are very excited about Lisa’s research,” says Associate Dean Erika Chamberlain. “The CIGI doctoral fellowship will give her the opportunity to connect with a broad range of fellows and to produce scholarship with a real-world impact.”

The International Law Research Program seeks to connect knowledge, policy and practice to build the international law framework - the globalized rule of law - to support international governance of the future. The ILRP scholarship program aims to develop world-class intellectual strength in the areas of international law that are most important to global innovation, prosperity, sustainability and security.