Workshop explores international economic law

International Economic workshop

(left to right) Chi Carmody, Kathryn Friedman, Bassem Awad, Maureen Irish, Todd Weiler, Meredith Lewis, Bryan Mercurio and Ramesh Karky

Western Law hosted the Canada-U.S. Law Institute International Economic Law Workshop on Sept. 13, 2014.

The workshop was designed to give both established and emerging scholars in the Great Lakes region the opportunity to share work in progress in the field of international economic law.

The workshop featured; Western Law Prof. Chi Carmody “Interdependence and WTO Law”, SUNY Buffalo Law School Prof. Meredith Lewis “Implications of Plurilateral Trade Agreements and Mega-FTAs for the WTO”, University of Buffalo Prof. Kathryn Friedman “Trade in Water and the Future of Great Lakes Governance”, Windsor Law Prof. Maureen Irish “Fragmentation and Interpretation in WTO Law”, Chinese University of Hong Kong Prof. Bryan Mercurio “TRIPS at 20 and into the Future: Re-configuring the Relationship between IPRs and Trade”, Prof. Todd Weiler  “International Investment Law and the Resurgence of Revanchist Statism”, Dr. Ramesh Kark “Where Does International Economic Law and Gene Patenting?” and Dr. Bassem Awad  “IP and Environmental Technology: the WTO’s recent challenge”.