Western Law congratulates Leo Strine Jr. on Delaware Supreme Court Appointment

Leo StrineLeo E. Strine Jr., Western Law’s 2011 Beattie Family Business and Law Speaker, was unanimously confirmed by the Delaware Senate on Wednesday January 29 as the next Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court. Delaware, where more than half of the largest public corporations in the United States have been incorporated, is widely-recognized as the leading corporate law jurisdiction in the United States.

"Leo Strine is without question one of the most thoughtful and influential corporate law judges in the world, and his appointment as Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court is richly deserved," said the Director of Western Law's Business Law program, Christopher Nicholls.

"It was a delight and an honour to welcome Leo Strine to Western Law in 2011. Our students and our faculty very much enjoyed meeting with him here, and, of course, the lecture he delivered as part of the Beattie Family Business and Law lecture series was very insightful and entertaining."

Judge Strine's lecture at Western Law is on YouTube.

The annual Beattie Family Business and Law Lecture is one of the highlights of Western Law's calendar. Other Beattie Family Business and Law speakers who have visited Western Law to meet with students and faculty and share their insights include Nobel laureates Robert Shiller and George Akerlof, former U.S. Treasury Secretary and President Emeritus of Harvard University, Lawrence Summers, and eminent Yale economist Gary Gorton.