Western Journal of Legal Studies releases new issue, celebrates download milestone

The Western Journal of Legal Studies (WJLS) has released the first issue of its fourth volume, which comes on the heels of the Journal’s milestone 10,000th download last month.

“For a new journal to accrue this many downloads in only four years is unbelievable,” says Editor-In-Chief Denise Brunsdon.

“We’re enthusiastically pushing the envelope for legal scholarship, and this issue is no exception,” Brunsdon says. “The articles include strong research and innovative thinking that will give you major pause.”

The Western Journal of Legal Studies has been driven by an ambitious group of students since its inception in 2011-12.

“The Journal is a source of pride for Western Law,” said Erika Chamberlain, Associate Dean (Academic) and Faculty Advisor to the Journal.

“The student editors are committed to scholarly excellence, innovation, and free access to legal debate. The achievement of this milestone is a credit to the dedication and effort of the many students who have served at the journal in various capacities over the past few years.”

The WJLS focuses on contributions to Canadian law and international law that are novel, non-obvious, and useful.

Articles in the latest issue include:

The Constitutionality of a Federal Emissions Trading Regime

Iran Denies Education Rights to Bahá'ís

Beyond the Five Stages of Grief: Best Practices for Estate Mediation and Advising the Bereaved Client

Conceptualizing Capacity: Interpreting Canada’s Qualified Ratification of Article 12 of the UN Disability Rights Convention

Submissions for Issue 2 are due January 27th.