Western's Public Law research group hosts Princeton workshop

June 03, 2013

In an event co-sponsored with Princeton University’s James Madison Program, Western Law's Public Law and Legal Philosophy research group welcomed Oxford law professor Richard Ekins to the Princeton campus for a full day workshop examining his recent book, The Nature of Legislative Intent. Published by Oxford University Press, the book presents an extended argument for why judges ought to interpret statutes according to the intention of the legislature that enacted them.

“Ekins rescues legislative intent from the crude objections that it is impossible for groups and institutions to form intentions, and that legislative intent is a mere fiction,” noted Western Law professor Bradley Miller, who is spending his sabbatical at Princeton.

In addition to Western Law professors Grant Huscroft and Bradley Miller, participants included Princeton University’s Robert P. George and Bradford Wilson, London School of Economics law professors Martin Loughlin and Grégoire Webber, Professor Chaim Saiman (Villanova), Professor Adam McLeod (Faulkner University), Professor Paul Carrese (US Air Force Academy), and Princeton politics graduate students Daniel Mark and Geoffrey Sigalet.