Advocacy skill on display at Cherniak Cup

November 20, 2012

Cherniak cup 2012The 2012 Cherniak Cup, the faculty’s internal trial advocacy competition, has been awarded to third-year law student Blair Siemens. 

Madam Justice Helen Rady of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice presided over the final rounds, which were also scored by Tony Bedard of Lerners LLP (pictured left with Blair Siemens) and Doug Ferguson of Community Legal Services. The other seven competitors in the final rounds were Elie Ghannoum, Christopher Justice, Carolyn McKeen, Rachel McMillan, Julia McNabb, Kristen Ogden and Stephanie Sebanc. 

Seventy-four students competed in 19 preliminary rounds held on November 13-14. Approximately 40 other students were involved as witnesses for the trials.   

At the reception after the competition, both Justice Rady and Tony Bedard commended all the finalists for their outstanding work.  Professor Chris Sherrin expressed his appreciation to Lerners LLP for its continued support for this competition. He also thanked the many other people who had made this year’s competition possible, including Nanette Love, Sylvia Davis of Lerners LLP, and all the members of the local bar who generously donated their time and expertise during the preliminary rounds.