Seeking Legal Advice

Pro Bono Students Canada is unable to assist individuals seeking legal advice. 

If you require assistance with specific legal problems, you can contact one of the following services:

Community Legal Services (CLS)

CLS provides free legal assistance to people who cannot afford a lawyer. CLS will assist individuals with matters involving: criminal law, provincial offences, landlord tenant disputes, small claims court, estate law (wills and powers of attorney), academic appeals, public legal education, and notarizing documents, affidavits, and statutory declarations. The clinic is staffed by Western law students working under the supervision of Review Counsel. You can contact CLS at (519) 661-3352.

Neighbourhood Legal Services (NLS)

NLS provides free legal assistance to people who cannot afford a lawyer. NLS will assist individuals with matters regarding: employment insurance, Ontario Works, benefits, Canada Pension Plan, pensions and landlord and tenant issues (evictions only). You can contact NLS at (519) 438-2890.

Legal Aid Ontario

If you financially qualify for Legal Aid assistance, you will be provided with a certificate, which will permit you to retain a lawyer.  Depending on your specific financial circumstances, the certificate may fund all or part of your legal fees. You can contact Legal Aid Ontario at (519) 433-8179.

Find a Lawyer Service

If you do not qualify for CLS or Legal Aid, you can use Lawyer Referral Service to help connect you to a practicing lawyer. A $6 service charge will be added to your telephone bill but you will receive up to 30 minutes of free consultation. You can contact the Lawyer Referral Service at 1-900-565-4577.

For more legal resources please visit Community Legal Education Ontario or Steps to Justice.