Information for Students

Applications are now open for the 2016-2017 academic year! All PBSC Project Descriptions are available to be downloaded below. Please review the projects and apply to those of interest. Please include all of the application requirements such as resumes, cover letters, as well as the student agreement form and student application form. All completed applications are to be handed into Community Legal Services no later than Thursday, September 15th, 2016 by 4:00pm. Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at

Getting involved with Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) is a great opportunity to gain practical legal experience while making a valuable contribution to your community.  Pro Bono projects allow students to explore interesting legal issues that expand on the law school curriculum and fall outside traditional areas of legal study.  As much as possible, students are placed with projects that conform to their interests – both in the sense of the area of law and the focus of the organization. 

In today’s competitive employment market, participating in PBSC gives law students an edge.  Participating in the program makes students’ résumés stand out and demonstrates legal experience and commitment to the community.  Participating in the program also provides law students with an opportunity to network with both law professors and the London legal community. As well, PBSC provides an opportunity for Western law students to gain a connection with the local community and to learn more about the field of public interest law, all while gaining practical legal experience.

Examples of PBSC Projects

  • Legal research and the preparation of legal memoranda
  • Research on the impact of proposed new legislation
  • Drafting manuals and policy or background papers
  • Public legal education, including presenting workshops and writing brochures
  • Re-drafting of by-laws or updates to materials
  • Researching and outlining areas of liability
  • Support to lawyers working on a case pro bono
  • Assisting the family law duty and advice counsel at the courthouse

What to Expect

Much of this depends on your project.  Generally, students are required to donate an average of 3 hours per week to their project, and are not expected to work on the project in December and April, when exams take precedence.  The projects will begin in September and must be finished by late February.  Some projects are more intensive than others, but the coordinators will try to anticipate which projects will require more time and assign more students to those projects.  There may also be students added to teams to deal with unexpectedly onerous projects.

You will have access to many resources and people to help you.  These include training (held in September), the PBSC Coordinators, team leaders, your group’s lawyer-mentor, and the representative from the organization itself.  We will work hard to ensure that your experience is a very positive one, and to help you uphold the commitment that you are making to the program and to the organization.