Information for Organizations

What are the Goals of PBSC?

For organizations: to provide underrepresented and disadvantaged communities with pro bono legal service and to give public interest organizations and agencies access to highly skilled and committed volunteers.

For law students: to encourage students to volunteer in their communities and install a pro bono ethic among law students. To give law students practical experience and assistant them in assessing viable career options in public interest law.

How can PBSC Help your Organization?

If your non-profit organization has legal questions but lack the financial resources to compensate legal counsel, PBSC may be able to partner with your organization and match you with law students who meet the skill and interest requirements for your projects.

What is Required of Member Organizations?

PBSC is wholly administered by law students – law students both coordinate the program and complete the legal research. As such, the program is unable to undertake projects that involve specific legal advice and cannot be legally responsible for any information provided. Please note that no organization, program, or individual may rely on a student’s work in taking any actions or forbearing from taking any actions that may subject the organization, program, or individual to legal or quasi-legal processes.

Placements must involve legal research suitable for a law student rather than a lawyer. Students are able to provide legal information but not legal advice. 

Student’s work must be supervised by a lawyer. If your organization does not have a lawyer on staff, PBSC can assist in finding a lawyer to supervise the student’s work at no cost to you.

What Kind of Projects can Students Undertake?

  • Client intake and interviewing
  • Contribute to advocacy work
  • Draft manuals for internal use at your organization
  • Perform public legal education, including presenting workshops and writing brochures
  • Produce policy or background memorandums
  • Provide legal information for clients
  • Support for lawyers working pro bono on a particular case
  • Research legal issues relevant to your organization’s work
  • Update materials, including conducting by-law research

PBSC cannot provide legal advice and should not be used as a substitution for consultation with a lawyer


Students are expected to contribute on average 3-5 hours per week to the PBSC program throughout the school year, excluding December and April when students focus on exams.

Organizations and student volunteers are required to communicate periodically over the course of the placement to ensure that the students’ work is conforming to the needs of the organization as outlined in the project description.

How to Get Involved?

There is no cost to organizations to get involved with PBSC. To get involved, interested organizations should review the Organization Information Package to familiarize themselves with the structure and requirements of the program. 

If the organization determines that they qualify and would like to participate, the next step is to fill out a Project Description Form, an Organization Agreement Form and a Lawyer Supervisor Agreement and submit them to the PBSC Program Coordinators at

Our programs start in October and end by beginning of April, please contact the PBSC Program Coordinators for more information.

What are the Important Dates for PBSC?

Please see the Important Dates section for more information.