Information for Lawyers

Lawyers can become involved with PBSC in two ways:

  1. If you are working on a case pro bono, our students can support you in your work by doing legal research and writing. We will match you with a dedicated student who matches your skill and interest requirements. 
    Please contact the PBSC Coordinators to find out more about the ways a student volunteer can help you.
  2. Lawyers can volunteer to act as a mentor to a student or group of students doing a pro bono placement.

Lawyer Mentors

Each PBSC project or placement requires the supervision and guidance of a lawyer. Lawyer mentors assist student volunteers in developing a research plan at the outset of the project and provide guidance to students as needed over the duration of the placement. The mentor is also responsible for reviewing the work of the student volunteer prior to submission to the organization to ensure completeness and accuracy and make suggestions for improvement.

The commitment required of a mentor is minimal. It is estimated that the total commitment over the course of the placement is about 5 hours.

The Benefits of Becoming a PBSC Mentor

  • You CAN make a difference! Mentoring allows lawyers to contribute their legal skills for the benefit of a wide range of community associations, public interest groups and individuals in the London community. For a relatively small time commitment, a Mentor’s supervision of a PBSC student can make a significant impact in the lives of underrepresented and disadvantaged persons.
  • You can contribute to your profession and your community. Mentoring provides an opportunity to demonstrate to students, lawyers and the local community the importance of volunteer work and your firm’s commitment to the pro bono ethic within the legal profession.
  • Do your part to help mold your future colleagues!

Lawyer mentors are an integral part of Pro Bono Students Canada, as without them, the program could not exist. If you are a lawyer in the London area, please consider becoming involved!

How to Get Involved

Mentors are recruited each summer for placements that run the duration of the academic year. The placements typically begin mid-September and wrap up at the end of March.

If you would like to be involved please contact the PBSC Coordinators.

In addition to the guidance mentors provide, mentors are also asked to fill out a Lawyer Evaluation Form at the completion of the PBSC project. The feedback provided on these evaluations is taken very seriously and is a critical element of the continued development and improvement of PBSC at Western.

Students are matched to projects based on their experience, skills, and interest in a particular placement. Student acceptance into the program is also based heavily on a student’s demonstrated ability to maintain professional standards in meeting deadlines and maintaining contact with mentors and organizations.