The Dispute Resolution Centre (DRC) was formed in 1993 under the guidance of Professor Hawkins and Professor Cormier at the University of Western Ontario. Housed in the Faculty of Law, the DRC was established in order to provide an effective alternative for peacefully resolving disputes.

The creators of the DRC looked to working models of community mediation centres established in Ithaca, New York, and at the University of Missouri-Columbia to help formulate their plans for a centre that would provide training to volunteer mediators, as well as free mediation services for Middlesex County.

In 2006, the DRC combined with the leadership and administrative support of Community Legal Services, which has led to a growth of DRC involvement in the London-Middlesex community.

In 2014, the DRC was very proud to launch the 810 Court Project. DRC interns now attend the London Courthouse to offer mediation as an alternative to parties who are seeking or defending peace bonds.

In 2016, the Internship program offered to law students was expanded to include training and community practice in negotiation on behalf of clients, making it the most intensive alternative dispute resolution clinic offered by an Ontario law school.

Due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19, DRC services were temporarily suspended beginning in September 2020. Intern training programs also moved to an online format.

In September 2021, the DRC was brought under the leadership of Robyn Hurley, an experienced family lawyer and mediator in London, Ontario. Over the summer of 2022, the DRC returned to providing in-person services to the Western Campus and the London Community.