LLM: Thesis-Based Option

The Thesis-Based LLM aims to foster advanced research and scholarship in law, and is best suited for students wishing to pursue academic careers. This program offers training in key theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches to legal research and analysis. Graduates will be equipped to contribute to scholarly and political debate, and to develop answers to many emerging questions about the role of law in society.

Students can pursue studies across a range of subject areas, from business law and taxation, to labour law, criminal law, international law, private law, constitutional law, and intellectual property. Students are encouraged to contact individual faculty members to discuss their availability to supervise on a particular topic.

The LLM is designed for those who have already obtained a JD or LLB or other equivalent law degree. It can be completed full-time in 12 months or part-time in 24 months.

Please see our Graduate Admissions page for details of admission requirements and how to apply.

This degree does not qualify students for entry into legal practice.

Program Requirements

To complete the Thesis-Based LLM program, the following is required:

  1. Law 9001: Approaches to Legal Scholarship;
  2. Law 9002: Guided Study and Research Methodology;
  3. Completion of one elective course at Western Law or another unit of the University, approved by the student's supervisor and related to the area of the student’s research focus, at the graduate level;
  4. Law 9003: Graduate Colloquium; and
  5. Approval of a thesis proposal and the writing and defence of a substantial thesis of publishable quality, carried out under faculty supervision.