Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

In recognition of the academic achievement and/or financial need of students enrolled in the JD Program at Western Law, a number of awards and bursaries have been established.

We thank our many donors for their generous support in funding these awards and in establishing new awards each year.

To view all active scholarships, awards and bursaries, please visit Western’s award directory.  


Admitted students are automatically considered for entrance scholarships as part of the admissions process.


Awards are determined based on either academic achievement, financial need or application criteria. Please refer the to the award directory for the individual criteria for each award.  


Bursaries are generally awarded to students who have shown satisfactory progress in their previous year's work. In every case, it is essential that the applicant demonstrate genuine financial need. Completion of a Financial Assistance Profile application is required for consideration for a bursary.

The Financial Assistance Profile application is made available in late August each year and can be found by logging into your Western Student Centre account (under Financial Assistance in the Student Services Links box). The deadline to apply is October 31st, but it is advisable to apply as early as possible in the fall.