Financial Aid

OSAP documentation at the beginning of the year is picked up at the Law School, Student Services. For students who are in financial need, there are a series of bursaries. Completion of a Financial Assistance Profile application is required for consideration for a bursary.

The Financial Assistance Profile application is made available in late August each year and can be found by logging into your Western Student Centre account (under Financial Assistance in the Student Services Links box).  The deadline to apply is October 31st, but it is advisable to apply as early as possible in the fall.

Ontario Student Assistance Program

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) provides loan assistance according to the student's calculated financial need. This program is comprised of area plans, viz: Canada Student Loan (CSL), Ontario Student Loan Plan (OSLP), and Ontario Special Bursary Plan (OSBP). Each of these plans is need-tested and is designed to supplement, but not replace, the family's (spouse's) or the student's own resources. To qualify for OSAP assistance, the student and/or parents, guardians or sponsors must be Canadian Citizens/permanent residents and must have lived in Ontario for the 12 consecutive months immediately prior to the first day of the month of the study period for which the student is applying for assistance.

OSAP brochures and application forms should be available in early April through the Financial Aid Office, at Western Student Services Building. Inquiries and completed applications should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.

International and Out of Province Students

Students from foreign countries applying for admission to an undergraduate program of study are advised that it is practically impossible to secure financial assistance through Canadian university sources. Such applicants should make inquiries through the educational authorities in their own countries and the Canadian consulate to determine if sponsorship through the Canadian International Development Agency is available. Commonwealth students may inquire about Commonwealth scholarships from the British embassy. American students should inquire about the various federal and state bursaries available to students.

Students from other provinces should check with their province of residence for details about available student assistance.