Information about Staff Editor Recruitment

About the WJLS

The Western Journal of Legal Studies is Western Law’s student run, online, open-access law review. The WJLS focuses on contributions to Canadian and international law that are novel, non-obvious, and useful. The Journal welcomes diverse and historically underrepresented perspectives. Though the Journal was started in 2012, it has already garnered 22,000 downloads. The WJLS was named the Student Legal Society’s Association of the Year 2013-2014.

Journal Staff

The Western Journal of Legal Studies executive consists of the following positions: Editor-in-Chief (1), Deputy Editor-in-Chief (1), and Managing Editors (4-5). Staff Editors are non-executive members of the Journal. The WJLS recruits Staff Editors in September based on the forecasted needs of the Journal for that academic year.

Staff Editors

How the Journal Works

The WJLS typically publishes 2 issues per year at the end of each academic semester. 2015 marks the first time the WJLS has published three issues in a year. The Executive's goal for Staff Editors is to support the production of quality articles, provide a quality team experience, and develop substantive and technical editing skills. Your work will be widely received; the WJLS has achieved over 25,000 downloads since 2012.

Staff Editor Perks

  • Citation skills help your LRWA mark in 1L, and paper requirements in upper years
  • The cost-benefit ratio: 8-10h a semester
  • Genuine participation in the editing process
  • Impressive law extra-curricular on your CV
  • The best path to a future executive position
  • Networking with upper-year students in a supportive, team-oriented environment
  • Helpful experience for understanding the rigours of academic publishing, particularly useful for potential LLM and SJD candidates.

Staff Editor Recruitment

The WJLS will be sharing recruitment dates for the 2015-2016 academic year in September, 2015. Applications for the Staff Editor position require a PDF cover letter, and successful candidates will be invited to write an editing test demonstrating their potential. Staff Editors are selected based on an assessment of their editing test and cover letter.

The Executive

Who Should Apply to the Journal Executive?

Current WJLS Staff Editors and Managing Editors are encouraged to apply. We also welcome applications from non-WJLS members. Academic credit is available for all Executive positions.

Western students who are appointed to Executive positions are entitled to enroll in the Western Journal of Legal Studies course. The course offers students 2 credits in the Fall term and 2 credits in the Winter term.

Executive Applications

The Executive Board has been selected for 2015-2016. Applications for the 2016-2017 Executive Board will be announced in March 2016. Applications consist of a PDF cover letter and a subsequent managerial editing exam to determine if candidates have the required skills to manage papers. Cover letters must include the position you are seeking (multiple selections are permitted), your current year, and the semester in which you will be on exchange the following year (if applicable).

More Information

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