Client Testimonials

Here is what some of our clients had to say about their WBLC experience:

"The incorporation and contract drafting services provided by the WBLC were pivotal in accelerating the launch of our business. Working with the WBLC enabled us to avoid hefty legal costs during the onset of our business when funding is scarce and expense management is critical. We highly recommend the WBLC to anyone with a solid business plan in the early stages of execution, especially those who lack the seed funding or revenue necessary to retain professional legal assistance."

Mike Murdoch, Factory Trend Inc.

"As a new business owner, the clinic met all of my needs. Client service was superlative; it was provided in a timely and professional manner and my unique requirements were consistently met. I would strongly recommend the Clinic to any new start up in need of legal services."

John Cassels, Cassels Tutoring

"Working with the WBLC has been tremendously helpful in expanding the capabilities of my business. With the help of the clinic, we have overcome hurdles in recruitment, procurement, intellectual property and general liability. I look forward to continuing to work with the clinic in the future.”

Tristan Parlette, Plunder Ventures Inc.