Sinel Joins Tort Law Research Group

As of July 2013, Zoë Sinel has been appointed an Assistant Professor at Western Law and has joined the Tort Law Research Group. Prior to this appointment, Professor Sinel was a Visiting Researcher at Harvard Law School. She completed her doctorate in law (SJD) at the University of Toronto, where she held the prestigious Vanier Scholarship. Her dissertation, conducted under the supervision of Ernest Weinrib and entitled, "Understanding Private Law's Remedies," offers a novel way to understand the remedies in private law through the logic of practical reasoning.

Professor Sinel obtained her JD from the University of Toronto and then earned two master's degrees in law at the University of Oxford: the BCL and the MPhil. The latter culminated in a dissertation, conducted under the supervision of Dr Dori Kimel, now published in the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies under the title, "Through Thick and Thin: The Place of Corrective Justice in Unjust Enrichment." She received funding for her graduate studies at Oxford from the Clarendon Fund Scholarship and the Donner/Gotlieb Graduate Scholarship. Her principal research interests lie in private law and legal theory, with doctrinal work published in the Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly and the Restitution Law Review, and more recent theoretical work published in this year's issue of the Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence.

Professor Sinel has been involved with various private law research groups and is looking forward to becoming an active member in the Tort Law Research Group and part of the dynamic and welcoming private law culture at Western Law. In her view, "Western is the ideal place to conduct private law scholarship. My experiences with its faculty, students and administration as a Visiting Professor this past January as well as my involvement as a presenter at the successful and impressive Obligations VI conference last summer make me very excited to join the Western Law community."