Private Law Theory Workshop

Three members of the Tort Law Research Group recently presented papers at the annual Private Law Theory Workshop, hosted this year by the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. Dennis Klimchuk presented "Property and Necessity," which explored whether the doctrine of private necessity can be understood as a consequence of the foundation and scope of rights in property. Erika Chamberlain presented "Fiduciary Aspects of Misfeasance in a Public Office," which compared the principles of discretionary decision-making by public officers and private law fiduciaries. Finally, Andrew Botterell presented "Generalism, Specificationism, and Rights in Tort Law," which examined the scope of protected rights in light of their permissible infringements.

The annual workshop, which was originally conceived of by Dennis Klimchuk and hosted by Western in 2010, was attended by scholars from McGill, Osgoode, Queens, the University of Toronto, and Western.  Other attendees included Research Group members Jason Neyers and Stephen Pitel, as well as Zoë Sinel, who will be joining Western's Faculty of Law in July 2013.