Public Legal Education

Our PLE program has several components:

  1. Our CLS Community Workshops provide legal information to non-profit organizations, their staff and clients. Our students will come to your location and speak on a wide range of legal topics, from Landlord and Tenant Law to Victim's Rights to Consumer Protection Law. On average we present 50-60 workshops per year. Please contact us at to discuss topics you would like us to speak about.

    Information on upcoming public events/workshops can be found here.

  2. Our Community Youth Projects are jointly provided with Pro Bono Students Canada. For example, student volunteers provide Youth Opportunities Unlimited participants with a 1-2 hour seminar on employment law, which cover a variety of related issues, such as the effect of a criminal record on employment. Please contact us if you need legal information for a youth-related project.

For additional free publications on other legal topics, please visit Community Legal Education Ontario.


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