Public Legal Education and Legal Information

Our PLE program has several components:

  1. Our CLS Community Workshops provides legal information to non-profit organizations, their staff, and their clients. We make every effort to reach diverse and often marginalized audiences in the London community this year. Our students will come to your location and speak on a wide range of legal topics, from Landlord and Tenant Law to Victim's Rights to Consumer Protection Law. On average we present 50-60 workshops per year. Please contact us at to discuss topics you would like us to speak about.
  2. Monthly newspaper columns appear in a number of community based newspapers in the London region. They are written by CLS students on a range of topics. Please contact us if you would like a legal column in your publication.
  3. Our Community Youth Projects are jointly provided with Pro Bono Students Canada. For example, student volunteers provide Youth Opportunities Unlimited participants with a 1-2 hour seminar on employment law, which cover a variety of related issues, such as the effect of a criminal record on employment. Please contact us if you need legal information for a youth-related project.

For additional free publications on other legal topics, please visit Community Legal Education Ontario.

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