Unlike organizations, committees are divisions of the SLS to which authority over a specific element of the SLS’ mandate is delegated. Currently, there are 15 standing committees of the SLS.

Committee positions for second and third year students are awarded after an application and interview process in the spring of each academic year.  Positions for first-year students become available in the fall of each academic year.

Student Legal Society Committees:

Admissions Committee
The Admissions Committee is a faculty committee in which two third-year students help establish policy and internal guidelines concerning admission of applicants to Western Law, as well as assist in making decisions on applications received for the following academic year. Students also participate in various recruitment events to provide prospective students with information and perspective on the Western Law experience.
Contact: Priya Chopra, Haya Shehab, Melanie Kornya

Advocacy Committee
The Western Law Advocacy Committee (WAC) is committed to teaching, promoting, and supporting aspiring litigators. We seek to accomplish this goal through coaching and mentoring students who choose to compete in internal and external mooting/trial competitions. Additionally, we liaise with London and Toronto litigation firms to host advocacy related seminars. The WAC is also responsible for organizing and judging the Lerners LLP Cup and First Year Appellate Advocacy Competition.
Contact: Ben Schnell

Canada-US Law Institute Student Committee
The Canada-U.S. Law Institute (CUSLI) Student Committee hosts a series of activities during the academic year, including student-run fora on diverging national approaches to common issues (environmental approvals, marijuana legalization, physician assisted death, etc.) and distinguished speaker lectures. Events such as these aim to promote the interests of the Canada-U.S. Law Institute, which was founded in 1976 as a joint creation of Western Law and Case Western Reserve University of Law in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to the Student Committee, students also have the opportunity to be involved with the Institute by way of its student-edited journal, the Canada-U.S. Law Journal.
Contact: Jessica Schissler, Matt McDonald

Community Outreach Committee
Even while in law school, we are important members of the community in which we live.  The committee attempts to create an awareness of that fact by organizing community outreach programs and fundraisers.  As future lawyers we must be aware of our ability to become leaders in our community.  Therefore, it is important to spend time now creating a positive image for the Law School through involvement with community agencies which can benefit from student assistance.  Without your participation, these goals will be hard to reach.
Contact: Priya Chopra, David Beck-MacNeil

Diversity Committee
We have an amazing team to help diversify our faculty by celebrating the view that diversity and merit are two sides of the same coin. Our committee seeks to research and model a law school environment at Western Law that is welcoming, safe, and inclusive to all of our administrators, staff, and students by viewing differences in nationality, race, religious belief, gender, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and able-bodiedness as opportunities for understanding, learning, and growth. 
Contact: Ashmandeep Khroad

Distinguished Speakers Committee
The Distinguished Speakers Committee (DSC) invites prominent members of the legal profession and related fields to lecture at Western Law and share their extensive knowledge with law students and faculty. Our speakers are all at the top of their respective professions and include members of the judiciary, high-ranking politicians, and experienced practitioners. Topics vary widely and can involve current social and ethical issues in the legal field, valuable advice to take into practice, as well as unique perspectives from specialists outside of law, such as medicine or international politics. During the 2015-2016 school year the DSC hosted Andre Marin, former Ombudsman of Ontario, Marie Henein, and Justice Karakatsanis of the Supreme Court of Canada. Because the DSC strives to reflect the interests of students and faculty, we are always open to suggestions of possible candidates. Our aim is to have four to six speakers throughout the academic year. We highly encourage students to seize the opportunity to interact with these distinguished professionals and expand both their minds and their networks.
Contact: Katrina Bekkers, Robyn O'Dell

Law Ball Committee
Law Ball is UWO Law’s annual semi-formal, which generally takes place in early March.  Sign up to help organize an evening dinner, drinks and dancing.
Contact: Siarra Sanderson, Camille Beaudoin

Law Games Committee
Every year at the beginning of January, law schools from across Canada get together for a four-day event called Law Games. Schools competes in a variety of sports and activities including a moot, talent show and trivia in a battle for the highly-coveted Sports and Spirit Cups, and to be crowned as the overall Law Games Champions. Each year, Western Law puts on their purple camo gear and shows up as one of the most competitive teams in the country. Being on the Law Games Committee is an opportunity to be part of the leadership and planning for the Western Law Games Team. It’s a great way to meet students from all three years at Western Law, and help prepare and organize the team for an event that will surely be one of the highlights of your time at law school.
Contact: Rachel IslamJason Priest

Merchandising Committee
Want to be part of the most "fashionable" committee at UWO law?  If so, the Merchandise Committee may be the place for you. The role of the Merchandise Committee is to keep students and faculty outfitted in the latest and greatest in UWO Law merchandise. Committee members are responsible for designing and selecting the merchandise that is sold, marketing the merchandise, and coordinating our annual fall and spring merchandise sales. As well, committee members work closely with the SLS Treasurer to ensure that the merchandise selections are economically viable.
Contact: Nathan Fabiano, Taylor Horan, Chelsea Hatton
Obiter Dicta Committee
Obiter Dicta is Western Law's annual talent show with all proceeds benefiting St. Joseph's Hospice. Western Law has raised over 110k$ for this worthy cause over the many years that this event has been running. During this legendary evening, students showcase their non-legal talents which include musical acts, dance, and comedy routines. One of the highlights of Obiter Dicta is the highly competitive video competition between the 1Ls, 2Ls, and 3Ls. Whether your interest is fundraising, performing, film, music, or general event-planning, this committee is a great way to help prepare one of the best events and the biggest parties of the year.
Contact: Gavin Le Ber, Emily Pace

Orientation Committee
Orientation week allows first year students to meet their classmates and upper year students, get to know the city of London and to enjoy themselves.  The role of the Orientation Committee is to make this fun-filled week the best experience possible for all first-year students.  The Orientation Committee is usually composed of second and third year students.  This committee is a great deal of fun -- you can effectively better Orientation Week for next year's incoming students and you can have a great time partying as well.
Contact: Tea Prpa, Emery White, Sarah Wahba

Programs Committee
The Programs Committee is a faculty committee designed to make recommendations to Faculty Council about changes in the curriculum, to approve research applications by students and other functions as assigned. Each year one student is selected to sit on this Faculty Committee and help to participate in the process with the VP of Academic Affairs. Students with suggestions for curriculum changes can speak to a member of SLS so that recommendations will be presented to the Programs Committee.
Contact: Stuart Borenovich, Mark McAuley

Social Committee
The Social Committee will become your link to the law school.  They will keep your social calendar packed from September to March.  You can always count on your Social Committee to give you a break from the books with special events each and every month, including professional pubs, special occasion activities, and the infamous Lord Denning pub nights.  Ensure that you don't miss out on any of the excitement by checking out our information board.  Or better yet, you can join in the fun by volunteering your ideas, time and expertise.
Contact: Luca Di Donato, James Son

Speaker of the SLS
The Speaker is a non-voting, non-elected member of the SLS Council. The Speaker's role is to chair all meetings of SLS Council.  The Speaker must ensure the Student Legal Society acts in a manner that is compliant with the SLS Constitution, SLS By-laws, and with Robert’s Rules of Order.
Contact: John Ikola

Sports Committee
The Sports Committee provides you with all kinds of opportunities to put off your memo research for just a few more hours.  The Sports committee is in charge of organizing the Western Law Intramurals which cater to a wide range of interests from basketball to dodgeball to water polo.  The Sports Committee also organizes various activities throughout the year that brings together all law students in a fun and active environment.
Contact: Connor Allison

Student Alumni Committee
Still in its formative phases, the Student Alumni Committee is committed to encouraging and fostering relationships between current students and young alum.  The most important events in the Alumni Committee portfolio are Homecoming, a Charity Event, and the Alumni Leaders forum, all of which will require dedication to planning throughout the summer and the school year to get off the ground.
Contact: Matt Helfand

Student Appeals Committee
The Student Appeals Committee provides advice on academic appeals that are submitted to the Dean and is comprised of faculty and one student. When an appeal is referred to the Committee by the Dean, the Chair of the Committee may recommend to the Dean that the appeal be dismissed summarily or designate a faculty member of the Committee to consider the matter and prepare a recommendation to the Dean. The Committee member considering the appeal may, in his or her discretion, invite further submissions from the appellant, investigate the matter, gather evidence, and/or hold an oral hearing. The appellant may request in his or her initial submission to the Dean that a student member of the Committee also consider the matter and prepare a separate recommendation to the Dean.
Contact: Adrian Taylor

Student Careers Committee
The Student Career Committee provides support and assistance to Western Law's Career & Professional Development Office (the "CPDO") and acts as a liaison between the CPDO and the student body. The committee will, in conjunction with the CPDO, help plan and run a variety of career-related events throughout the year, including the annual career fair (usually in March). The committee will also assist with career-related research as required, assist in updating the CPDO website, help maintain the Career Resource Centre, conduct employer outreach and will be responsible for a feature section in the newsletter published by the CPDO.
Contact: Lyrica Roche, Siyan Ren

Third Year Party Committee
The name says it all! One last chance for third years to say goodbye and live it up at Western Law!
Contact: Logan Allison, Matt Helfand, Laura Crimi

Wellness Committee
Western Law’s Wellness Committee provides support and resources to students to protect and improve their physical and mental well-being. As wellness becomes an increasingly relevant matter for the legal profession, we want to ensure that budding lawyers have the support and assistance that they need early on in their careers. Our group encourages open discussions and dialogue around mental health, physical fitness, and overall wellness. We are an open and all-inclusive group, meaning that all law students are considered general members and can take advantage of our initiatives. Some of our reoccurring initiatives include mindfulness/meditation sessions, yoga, jogging, and cooking classes, and therapy dogs at exam time. We encourage anyone who wants to be involved to come out to our events and become an active committee member. The Wellness Committee was recognized in 2013 and 2015 as the SLS Committee of the Year. We bring happiness, good food, and endorphins to Western Law. If you have questions, one of our co-chairs will be happy to assist. 
Contact: Callie Hill, Shamim Fattahi

Yearbook Committee
The mandate of the Yearbook Committee is simple: we are driven to create the best yearbook possible for Western Law students. The Yearbook Committee works hard to ensure that the memories you create throughout the year are captured so that you can look back on them for years to come! Through an online program, we create page designs and insert photos submitted by the student body. We encourage anyone who is interested in a creative break from law school to join this fun, low time commitment committee.
Contact: Anna Toth