Sam Trosow

Sam Trosow

Academic Degrees:

BA (Pennsylvania State University) 1974, JD (Southwestern University) 1978, MPA (California State University, Hayward) 1988, LLM (Golden Gate University) 1993, MLS (San Jose State University) 1994, PhD (UCLA) 2002.

Phone: 519 661-2111 ext. 82282
Office: LB 102

Professor Trosow joins the Faculty of Law in Fall 2001 and holds a joint appointment in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies. He previously taught part-time at the Golden Gate University School of Law, in the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University, in the School of Information Resources and Library Science at the University of Arizona, and at the People's College of Law in Los Angeles. He is a member of the California and United States Supreme Court Bars, and was previously engaged as a sole-practitioner in Los Angeles and Berkeley, California, in general civil litigation with an emphasis on tenants' rights law. He served as a Staff Attorney/Clinical Instructor in the housing unit at the Berkeley Community Law Centre. From 1995 until joining the faculty, Professor Trosow was a librarian at the Boalt Hall School of Law (University of California, Berkeley). His doctoral work in the Department of Information Studies at UCLA focused on information policy issues.

Research Highlights

Trosow, S. "Copyright Protection for Federally Funded Research: Necessary Incentive or Double Subsidy?"
(accepted for publication, Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal)

Trosow, S. “Databases and the Fields of Law: Are There New Divisions of Labor?” (in press, Law Library Journal)

Trosow, S. 2003. “Fast-Track Trade Authority and the Free Trade Agreements: Implications for Copyright Law,” Canadian Journal of Law & Technology 2(2): (July 2003).

Trosow, S. 2003. "The Illusive Search for Justificatory Theories: Copyright, Commodification and Capital," Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence XVI(2): 217-41 (July 2003).

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