Jacob Shelley

Jacob Shelley

Academic Degrees:

SJD (University of Toronto), LLM (University of Alberta), LLB (University of Alberta), MTS (Conrad Grebel University College)
Email: jshelle6@uwo.ca
Phone: 519-661-2111, ext.  80043
Office: LB 21

Jacob joined Western Law in 2015. He holds a joint appointment with the Faculty of Law and the School of Health Studies in the Faculty of Health Sciences, has a cross appointment to the Schulich Interfaculty Program in Public Health, and is Associate Faculty with the Rotman Institute of Philosophy. Dr. Shelley is a co-director of the Health Ethics, Law & Policy (HELP) Lab at Western. He has a doctorate in law (SJD) from the University of Toronto, where he was a Vanier Fellow with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. His doctoral thesis, under the supervision of Trudo Lemmens, examined the use of private law in obesity prevention, specifically looking at the use of product liability law to require food manufacturers to warn consumers about the dangers inherent in their food products. Dr. Shelley obtained his LLB (2007) and LLM (2009) from the University of Alberta, and he has a MTS from Conrad Grebel University College (2006). His primary area of interest is the proper limits and role of law in promoting public health and preventing chronic disease. In addition, he is generally interested in issues that arise at the interface of law, health science, and ethics.

Jacob Shelley is currently on sabbatical leave.

Research Highlights

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