Gillian Demeyere

Gillian Demeyere

Academic Degrees:

B.A. (Western University), LL.B. (Western University), M.A. (Western University), LL.M. (Toronto), S.J.D. (Toronto)

Phone: 519 661-2111, ext 81242
Office: LB 109

Professor Demeyere teaches in the areas of Contract Law, Labour and Employment Law, Human Rights, Social Justice, and Gender and the Law. Her primary area of research is Human Rights in Employment. She has published articles on workplace sexual harassment, the employer’s duty to accommodate, the contract of employment, and the theoretical structure of the right to equality. Professor Demeyere previously held the Daryl T. Bean Professorship in Law & Women’s Studies and is a current member of the Labour Law Casebook Group.

Research Highlights

“The Contract of Employment at the Supreme Court of Canada: Employee Protection and the Presumption of Employer Freedom” (2015), 38(1) Dalhousie Law Journal 1.

“Human Rights as Contract Rights: Rethinking the Employer’s Duty to Accommodate” (2010), 10(2) Queen’s Law Journal 299.

“Discrimination, Freedom, and the Limits of Contract” (2010), 10(4) International Journal of Discrimination and the Law 219.

“Discrimination in Employment by Religious Organizations: Exemptions, Defences, and the Lockean Conception of Toleration” (2010), 15(3) Canadian Labour and Employment Law Journal 435.

"Common Law Actions for Sexual Harassment: The Jurisdiction Question Revisited" (2005), 8 Queen's Law Journal 637.