Ben Hovius

Ben Hovius

Professor, BA (Queen’s) 1972, Dip. Educ. (Western University) 1973, LL.B. (Western University) 1977, LLM (London) 1978, called to the Bar of Ontario in 1980.

Professor Hovius joined the Faculty of Law in 1978. His current teaching area is Family Law. His publications include: The Law of Family Property (with Timothy G. Youdan), Hovius on Family Law: Cases, Notes and Materials (eight editions) and many articles in the areas of Family and Constitutional Law. Professor Hovius has delivered papers at numerous conferences for academics, lawyers and judges. He has also been an Associate Editor of the Dominion Law Reports, the Canadian Criminal Cases and the Ontario Reports and has served as a panel member of the Board of Inquiry under the Ontario Human Rights Code, a referee under the Employment Standards Act, and an arbitrator under the Farm Products Marketing Act.

Phone: 519 661-2111 ext. 88405
Office: LB 16


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