Completed Theses - Law Graduate Programs

A list of theses completed at Western Law which are available online (published since 2012) can be found at

Major Research Projects completed at Western Law and available online (published since 2016) can be found at (LLM) and (MSL).

(Students who have completed the Collaborative Graduate Specialization in Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction in their Master's or Doctoral degree have the notation "w/ TJ".)

PhD Theses

Student Supervisor Thesis Title Publication Degree
Catenacci, Christina Lynk
& Botterell
Privacy and Surveillance in the Workplace: Closing the Electronic Surveillance Gap 2020 PhD
Poon, Jenny Oosterveld Safeguarding the Principle of Non-Refoulement in Europe: Counteracting Containment Policies in the Common European Asylum System 2020 PhD
w/ TJ
Wilson, L. Daniel Nicholls Can Regulatory Reform Reverse the Decline of Public Markets in Canada? Assessing the Factors Impacting Decisions by Corporate Leaders to Avoid Canadian Public Listings 2020 PhD
Stefanik, Kirsten Oosterveld Improving Civilian Protection during War through Conflict-Specific Behavioural Regulation of Combatants 2019

w/ TJ

Master's Theses

Student Supervisor Thesis Title Publication Degree
Kobayashi, Brenda Sherrin The Meaning of Accountability Under Section 72 of the Youth Criminal Justice Act 2022 MSL
Malik, Pankhuri Wilkinson Can Novel Findings from Emerging Neuroscientific Technologies be Incorporated into Trademark Law in Canada? 2022 MSL
Adeyemi, Temitope Carmody A 'Critical Mass' Approach to Negotiations in the WTO:  A Case Study Analysis 2021 LLM
Warnock, Jeffrey Coyle Interpreting UNDRIP: Exploring the Relationship Between FPIC, Consultation, Consent, and Indigenous Legal Traditions 2021 LLM
Gonzalez, Alejandro Nocilla The Measure of a Monitor's Role 2021 LLM
Bellehumeur, Angeline Steyn
& Randall
Before the Ice Disappears: Pursuing Climate Justice for Inuit Women in the Context of Mining in Nunavut 2020 LLM
Pronych, Nadia Lynk Stewart v. Elk Valley Coal Corp.: The Rehabilitation of Addiction Disability Law in Canada 2020 LLM
Derynck, Leaelle Coyle An Anishinaabe Tradition: Anishinaabe Constitutions in Ontario 2020 LLM
Calvert, Conal Sherrin The Circumstances of the Offence: The Post-Ipeelee Sentencing of Indigenous Offenders for Manslaughter  in the Superior Courts 2020 LLM
Fadahunsi, Oluwabukola Nicholls Minority Shareholders' Protections under Nigerian and Canadian Corporate Law: A Comparative Analysis 2019 LLM
Njokuji, Ogechi Judith Steyn
& Nicholls
Renewable Energy as an Alternative to Fossil Fuel Use: A Legal Framework for Advancing Low Carbon Energy Transition in Nigeria 2019 LLM
DeMelo, Cassandra Martin
& Voss
Extending Our Promise: Providing Help to Mentally Ill Accused As Soon As Practicable 2019 LLM
Beaudoin, Jennifer Demeyere Minding the Gap: Pay Equity and the Role of Law in Narrowing Canada's Gender Wage Gap 2018 LLM
McPhail, Melanie Shelley The Constitutionality of Restrictions on Recreational Cannabis Advertising: Balancing Public Health and Freedom of Expression 2018 LLM
Wong, Alison Wilkinson Implementing Canada's Data Exclusivity Obligations and Protecting Personal Information in Clinical Trials 2017 LLM
Gossler, Thassiane Carmody
& Campbell
Transfer Pricing Rules in the BRICS World: A Shifting Balance in Global Tax Governance? 2017 LLM
Berlin, Ilya Oosterveld Unilateral Non-Colonial Secessions: An Affirmation of the Right to Self-Determination and a legal exception to the use of force in International Law 2017 MSL
Hernandez, Lina Oosterveld Achieving Equality for Women in Labour and Employment – A Comparative Study of Colombia and Canada 2017 LLM
Tomic, Darinka Wilkinson The Right to Food and the Right to Intellectual Property in the United Nations (including International Human Rights) and International Trade: Finding the Definition 2017 MSL
Fasina, Omolola Seck Environmental Impact Assessment for Oil and Gas Projects: A Comparative Evaluation of Canadian and Nigerian Laws 2016 LLM
Potter, Heather Seck Regulating for Resilience: Principled Flexibility and Environmental Co-Management in the Mackenzie Valley 2016 LLM
Sopow, Nikolas Graham Directors and Standards: The Problem of Insufficient Guidance 2016 LLM
Sugar, Stephanie Pitel Resolving Dilemmas in Canadian Class Actions by Reconsidering Private Law Principles 2016 LLM
Abbas, Maia Lynk Accommodating Complex Disabilities: Chronic Pain Disorders in the Canadian Workplace 2016 LLM
Pachai, Samita Khimji
& Campbell
Real Estate Investment Trusts in Canada 2016 LLM
D'Alton, Louis Trosow The Copyright Board and Tribunals Process: Users in the Balance 2016 MSL
Newman, Jason Trosow The Patent Medicines (Notice of Compliance) Regulations: An Examination of the Decision Making Patterns in These Cases at the Supreme Court of Canada 2016 LLM
Glass, Matthew Coyle Canada's Duty to Consult: Communicative Equality and the Norms of Legal Discourse 2015 MSL
Robb, Ryan Neyers The Clarity of Reasonableness Since Dunsmuir: Mission (Mostly) Accomplished 2015 MSL
Ramesh, Ragavi Wilkinson Re-imagining the Principle of National Treatment: Addressing Private International Law Issues in Copyright Infringement in the Internet Era 2015 LLM
Downer, Nolan Carmody Shifting Grounds: Judicial Review under NAFTA Chapter 11 and the Ratification of ICSID 2014 LLM
Muszak, Teri Graham Hearing Voices: Judicial Consideration of Ontario’s Social Assistance Legislation 2014 LLM
Pannu, Navraj Seck Transnational Corporate Regulation through Sustainability Reporting: A Case Study of the Canadian Extractive Sector 2014 LLM
Akinwande, Gbenga Chamberlain Emissions Trading: A Policy Option for Fighting Climate Change in Africa 2013 LLM
Ansari, Alisha Khimji What is the scope of competition law in the UAE? - A comparative study with developed and developing nations 2013 LLM
Osellame, Ian Nicholls Corporate Social Responsibility in Canadian Banking
A Case Study on the Equator Principles
2013 LLM
Stefanik, Kirsten Seck Restoring Humanity to Humanitarian Law: Borrowing from Environmental Law to Protect Civilians and the Environment 2013 LLM
w/ TJ
ter Haar, Amy Wilkinson The Porous Boundary Between Legal and Business Advice, An Empirical Approach 2013 LLM
Theophilo, Fabio Graham Highway Tolls in Brazil and the Lawfulness Principle 2013 LLM
Tian, Li Sherrin Victims' Opportunities to Review a Decision not to Prosecute made by the Crown Prosecutor 2013 LLM
Seccareccia, David Botterell The Applicability of Co-Operative Federalism: Lessons Learned from the Assisted Human Reproduction Act 2013 MSL
Abbey, Natasha Welling An Insightful Study of the Oppression Remedy under South African and Canadian Corporate Law 2012 LLM
Blosh, Marie Martin The History of Animal Welfare Law and the Future of Animal Rights 2012 LLM
Conron, Carolynn Solomon Canada's Marihuana Medical Access Regulations: Up In Smoke 2012 LLM
Goodman, Patricia Wilkinson Electronic Health Record Regulation in Canada: What the Patient Experience Reveals about the Pursuit of Legislative Harmonization 2012 LLM
Loucks, Melissa Wilkinson Trademarks and Geographical Indications: Conflict or Coexistence? 2012 LLM
Phuntsok, Tashi Seck Indigenous Peoples under International Law: An Asian Perspective 2012 LLM
Rehman, Mehreen Khimji Directors' Duties to Creditors - Mapping the Twilight Zone 2012 LLM
Vishwanatha, Sowmya Perry The Codex: Labelling of Food Derived from Modern Biotechnology 2012 LLM
AL-Rizzo, Zaid Khimji An Explanation of the High Rates of Discrepancies in Letter of Credit Transactions: the "Bilateral Assurance" Mechanism 2011 LLM
Bray, Devin Carmody Fair and Equitable Treatment and Indirect Expropriation: A Redundant Relationship in NAFTA? 2011 LLM
Bray, Heather Carmody A Comparative Approach: Denial of Justice in JAFTA Chapter 11 and the European Convention on Human Rights 2011 LLM
Hirani, Faiz Welling Narrowing the Atlantic: A Study of the Use of English Precedent in Canadian Corporate Law 2011 LLM
Johnstone, Ian McLaren To Serve and Protect: The Fallacies of the Ontario Police Services Act 2011 LLM
Leveau, Fanny Oosterveld Liability Under International Criminal Law for International Crimes Committed by Child Soldiers 2011 LLM
Magyar, John Graham Hansard as an Aid to Statutory Interpretation in Canadian Courts form 1999 to 2010 2011 LLM
Nocilla, Alfonso Telfer Asset Sales Under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act 2011 LLM
Stepura, Matthew Seck Sacred Sustainability and the Law of the Lakes 2011 LLM
Tripathy, Sunita Perry Perspectives on Technology Transfer 2011 LLM
Viswambharan, VS Perry The Criminalization of Patent Infringement in Canada and India 2011 LLM
Armstrong, Scott Trosow Closed Platforms and Closed Markets: A Theory of Privately Controlled Technology and Its Status in Canadian Competition Law 2010 LLM
Bhandari, Rohan Perry Computer Programs: Intellectual Property Protection in Canada and India 2010 LLM
D’Ascanio, Angelo Telfer A Director's Duty to Act in the Best Interests of the Corporation in an Insolvency or "Vicinity of Insolvency" Situtation: The Case for a Return to Basic Economic Principles 2010 LLM
Dutt, Deepshikha Perry Shades of Grey: The Legal Treatment of Grey Markets in India and Canada 2010 LLM
Graham, Shawn Neyers Remedies in the Arthur Wishart Act: A Critique of Dig This Garden 2010 LLM
Jeffery, Kristin McLaren A Critical Analysis of Arbitrator Sanctioning Under the 2009 World Anti-Doping Code 2010 LLM
Bernards, Sebastian Wilkinson Hypothetical Canadian Claim Construction in the RIM Lawsuit: The Impact of Canada's Narrow Approach to Patent Claim Construction and Its Possible Impact on a Hypothetical NTP v. RIM Lawsuit in Canada 2009 LLM
Collins, Kirk Edgar Targeted Tax Policy for Human Capital 2009 LLM
Conroy, Amy Wilkinson Substitute Decisions and Withdrawing Life-Sustaining Treatment 2009 LLM
Gil, Gustavo Perry Digital Rights Management and Canadian Privacy: Alternatives for Digital Rights Management Implementation in Canada 2009 LLM
MacKenzie, David McLaren Sporting Arbitration: Meeting World Demand for Dispute Resolution 2009 LLM
Taylor, Sean Lynk Socio-Economic Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: The Prospects for Domestic Enforcement Through the Courts 2008 LLM
Adesina, Abisola  Oosterveld Human Rights and the Regulation of Multinational Oil Corporations in Developing Countries 2007 LLM
Ojogbo , Samuel  Nicholls Globalization, Emerging Markets and Corporate Governance Convergence 2007 LLM
Rui, Liu Perry Foreign Trademark Protection in China 2007 LLM
Wang, Can  Telfer Proposals for the Chinese Model of Anticipatory Breach: A Comparative Analysis of the Chinese Law, the CISG, the UCC and the Anglo-Canadian Common Law 2007 LLM
Zhang, Jian  Carmody International Trade and the Legal Regulation of Organic Food in China 2007 LLM
Zhou, Jingjing Carmody The Protection of Geographical Indications (GI) in China:  A Review of the EU Sui Generis System, the US Trademark System, and International Protection From A Chinese Perspective 2007 LLM
Chapman, Frances  Holland Under Pressure: The Canadian Criminal Defence of Duress 2006 LLM
de Vries, Jonathan  Pitel The Future of Public Policy in Canadian Private International Law 2006 LLM
Pizzale, Norm Lynk The Co-Evolution of Natural Law and International Trade Law 2006 LLM
Shen, Mi McLaren National Security in Bilateral Mergers and Acquisitions between the United States and China 2006 LLM
Montgomery, Stephanie  Lynk Age Old Questions: The Politics and Uncertainty of Mandatory Retirement Jurisprudence 2005 LLM
Tan, Arthur  Carmody Necessary Reforms in the Regulation of Foreign Banking Access in China During the Post-WTO Era 2005 LLM
Vasudev, Palladam Welling Understanding the Corporation: Towards a Theory of Corporate Law 2005 LLM