Unlike committees, organizations are autonomous groups of students interested in a particular area of law or other legitimate social endeavour which are officially recognized by the SLS.  Currently, there are 22 recognized organizations at Western Law.

Clubs Day, held during the Fall Term, gives students the opportunity to learn about and join any and all organizations.

Organizations at Western Law:


Aboriginal Law Society
The goal of the Aboriginal Law Society is to help acquire the background to apply the law to important issues affecting society and have fun at the same time. The main focus is to develop relationships with Aboriginals and their communities within the city of London, Ontario. The society provides a framework in which these networking opportunities can occur at Western Law by making connections with Aboriginal lawyers and others active in the Aboriginal community. On the social side, the group participates in local cultural events such as pow-wows. In the end, the hope is to further justice through the group's various initiatives. 
The Aboriginal Law Society is currently deratified.  If you are interested in leading this society please contact SLS VP Student Affairs Victor Pirone (

Amicus Curae
Western Law’s student newspaper.
Contact: Christina Iannozzi (

Black Law Students' Association   
The Black Law Students' Association of Canada (BLSAC) recognizes the essential role that we will play as lawyers in furthering the aspirations of our community and Canadian society as a whole.  We are committed to supporting and enhancing the academic, professional and networking opportunities for Black law students in both official languages.  We also recognize the need to 'pay it forward' and have a very active mentoring program for high school and university students interested in a legal career.
Our main goal is to assist our members to create careers that fulfill their goals whether their desire is to work domestically or internationally.  We are proud to provide opportunities for formal and informal discussions about legal policy issues, effective career strategies, and evolutions in substantive law or furthering the discussion about challenges faced by the Black community within the administration of justice.  We reflect the diversity of the African/Black experience and see our national organization as providing the means for us to take our rightful space and make a meaningful contribution to the furtherance of justice. 
Contact: Mark Mcauley (

Business Law Student Society
The Business Law Student Society (BLSS) aims to introduce students to the diverse area of business or corporate law. As business law encompasses such a wide range of topics, we seek to familiarize students with the different areas of business law through events organized throughout the year. From meet & greets to guest speaker events and much more, we provide students interested in business law with an opportunity to connect and gain insight into the exciting practice of business law.
Contact: Tiffany Usher (, Sam Sokoloff ( & Travis Bertrand (

Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights
Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights (CLAIHR) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, established to promote human rights globally through legal education, advocacy and law reform. The CLAIHR Western Law Chapter is new this year and aims to promote student awareness and involvement in international human rights issues.
Contact: Taleen Ohanessian (

Christian Legal Fellowship
To develop community where Christian Law Students can learn to be spiritual leaders in a professional setting, be supported throughout the stresses of law school and be unified in serving the Western Law community.

Centering Verse: Matthew 6:33 - Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness.
Contact: Brian Wong (

Corporate Social Responsibility Association
The aim of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Association is to familiarize students with different types of corporate social responsibility developments and current initiatives, with a specific focus on how it affects the legal profession. As CSR becomes increasingly important, it also becomes crucial for law students entering the work force to understand and consider the implications of CSR. This includes, but is not limited to anti-corruption, sustainability, legal ethics and professionalism, business and human rights, and corporate governance and compliance. The CSR club organizes panel discussions, workshops, and guest lectures, through which students are exposed to the various fields that are important to corporate social responsibility, and what it truly means in the 21st century.
Contact: Julia Sydrokeno (

Court and County
Court and County is an organization for students interested in legal practice in rural and small population centres. Our goals are threefold: to connect students with potential employers, to promote access to justice in underserved communities, and to give likeminded students a forum to socialize and forge personal and professional relationships. As the only student organization of its kind in Ontario, Court and County offers its members an unrivaled opportunity to prepare for the dynamic and unique careers available in rural and small population centres.
Contact: David Cahill (

Criminal Law Students Association
The Criminal Law Students' Association strives to bridge the gap between academic studies of criminal law and life as a criminal lawyer. Our aim is to increase interest in criminal law and to provide information and experiences to students already interested in this area. In past years this has been done through excursions to the Kingston Penitentiary and the Ontario Police College and through speakers such as lawyers and judges in the criminal courts and experts in areas such as forensic sciences.
Contact: Anthony Minelli (

East Asian Law Students Association
The East Asian Law Students Association (EALSA) discusses and addresses issues facing Asian Canadian lawyers and aims to create a supportive cultural community for East Asian law students. EALSA attends the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (FACL) conference providing an invaluable opportunity to build professional and personal networks. Events also include guest speakers, Chinese New Year celebration, OCI panel discussion and many others.  
Contact: Michael Slattery ( & Matt Shen (

Entertainment and Sports Law Association
The Entertainment and Sports Law Association at Western Law provides students and faculty with an outlet to receive exposure to entertainment and sports law that is not usually provided via lectures and coursework.  The ESLA runs the annual Western Law Hockey Arbitration Competition, which gives law students an opportunity to test their mooting skills in a hockey arbitration context.  The winners of the competition go on the participate in the Hockey Arbitration Competition of Canada.  The ESLA hosts at least one speaker event every school year that either relates to entertainment or sports law, educating students and providing them with the opportunity to network with industry professionals.  There are also other fun events the ESLA runs such as the entertainment and sports law trivia night to engage Western Law students in these practice areas.
Contact: Daniel Rosen (

Gender and the Law Association (GALA)  
The Gender and the Law Association (GALA) believes that gender and the law are inextricably linked. We are an intersectional feminist organization concerned with gender issues and the law, as well as how gender intersects with other areas such as race, class, sexuality, ability, and age. We work to raise awareness and change gender-based injustice, and to advocate for equality and diversity. GALA has members from all years and regularly welcomes first year students onto our executive. Visit us on Facebook or Twitter (@uwogala) to learn more about GALA and our activities. 
Contact: Elspeth Graham (

Health Law Association
The Health Law Association organizes events and activities designed to introducestudents to the field of health law. We aim to facilitate connections betweenstudents and practitioners and to make students aware of potential careeropportunities in health law. We host events on a variety of health law related topicssuch as medical malpractice, health law policy and professional discipline. TheHealth Law Association is proud to hold the annual Legate & Associates MedicalMalpractice Moot. The moot provides 32 students with practical trial-leveladvocacy experience in the health law field.
Contact: Brooke Shekter ( & Mia Tritter (

In Vino Veritas
The aim of In Vino Veritas is to educate students, alumni and faculty about different types of wines, with an emphasis on Ontario wines, and create a relaxed forum for past and present Western Law students to connect and network. In Vino Veritas hosts wine tastings where members are educated on many aspects of wine appreciation and tasting, including different grape & wine types, wine pairings, wine etiquette and interesting wine facts. In Vino Veritas also organizes Niagara winery tours, allowing members to see first hand the vineyards and winemaking facilities, and providing an opportunity to taste more Ontario wines to encourage members to GoLocal.
Contact: Julia Sydorenko (

International Law Association (ILA)   
The goal of the ILA is to expose students to knowledge and opportunities in both private and public international law.  The association brings in monthly guest speakers, organizes trips to academic conferences, facilitates discussion panels and hosts on “International Law Week” in the spring.  It also coordinates a trip over reading week to visit major international law institutions: past trips have been to New York City and The Hague, Netherlands!   
Contact: Laura Snowdon (

Jewish Law Students' Association   
The JLSA is a cultural, social, educational, and religious organization.  We address and raise awareness about the needs, interests, and concerns of the Jewish community.  Our events include Shabbat dinners and other holiday celebrations with other graduate students, guest speakers and more.  
Contact: Josh Suttner ( & Jared Rosenbaum (

Labour Law Society   
The Labour Law Society has traditionally been a good resource for bringing in speakers on a variety of labour and employment law issues.  These speakers are helpful to students who want a glimpse of what practicing labour law entails.  As well, they help to keep us up-to-date with what is happening in legislation and case law.  This year, the executive of the Labour Law Society has decided to make participation more active.  A number of projects will be undertaken which will be helpful to anyone with an interest in labour and employment law.  For more information, attend the first general meeting.  A date and time will be announced. 
Contact: Daniela Chang ( & Brady Leatherdale (

Law and Innovation Policy Society
The Law and Innovation Policy Society explores the relationship between the legal system and the highly dynamic, innovation-intensive fields including communications, venture capitalism, and information and biotechnology.
The Law and Innovation Policy Society is currently deratified. If you are interested in leading this organization please contact SLS VP Student Affairs Victor Pirone (

LEVEL (formerly Canadian Lawyers Abroad)
Level (formerly Canadian Lawyers Abroad) is a charitable organization that brings together Canadian law students with an interest in equality and human rights issues to elevate important causes and effect substantive positive change. The Level Student Chapters provide an opportunity for law students with an interest in good governance, rule of law, and human rights issues to engage in discussion and work hands-on in projects in these areas. Each year, the Student Chapter Program focuses on a specific theme, allowing the students to gain a better understanding of a challenging international issue. For the year of 2016-2017, students will be focused on “women’s rights” and associated issues worldwide. Level believes in socially conscious career development and acknowledges that today's students are tomorrow's lawyers. In line with this philosophy, Level also offers summer internships at many NGOs overseas and in Canada, available exclusively to members of the Student Chapters.
Contact: Stephanie Im (

Mature Students' Society
The Mature Students Society exists to facilitate connections between members of this large and important section of the student body.  
Contact: Will Cummings (

Mining Law Society
The Mining Law Society's aim will bring together students interested in working with the mining industry to offer them experiences and opportunities relevant to this field. The society will strive to offer students exposure to a number of areas of law which touch on the field of mining such as securities law, corporate social responsibility, tax law, environmental law and aboriginal law.
Contact: Anthony Mersich (

Muslim Law Students Association 
The Muslim Law Student Association (MLSA) is dedicated to interfaith dialogue, raising awareness and educating the community regarding Muslims & Islam, thereby reducing barriers and promoting understanding and tolerance. The MLSA aims to develop community outreach initiatives to hopefully increase and encourage minority representation in the field of law. Finally, the MLSA aims to create a neutral forum for social interaction and community-building within the University of Western Ontario and other Ontario law schools.
Contact: Peter Hughes (

OUTlaws Western
OUTlaws Western provides a safe space for self-identified queer law students and allies, and nurtures a queer-positive community at Western Law. We are part of the Canada-wide OUTlaws network that deals with queer issues across the country. This network spans all the law schools in Canada and is closely affiliated with Out on Bay. OUTlaws Western is a forum to examine law, gender expression, and sexual orientation by hosting speakers, engaging in activism, and holding events. The association explores a wide range of issues, including: trans* rights, hate speech legislation, Charter challenges, and international human rights issues.
We are anti-racism, anti-oppression, and anti-colonialist. Visit us on Facebook or Twitter (@uwoOutLaw) to learn more about our activities - or stop by and visit us on Clubs Day in September.
Contact: Travis Bertrand (, Jack Blozowski ( & Kaleigh Hawkins-Schulz (

Running from the Law
Law School can be really hard - so we all need ways to reboot, feel healthy, and relax! We meet for runs twice a week: on Fridays for a 5-7k run followed by a trip to a local pub, and on Sunday mornings for a stairs and interval workout to gear us all up for the week ahead! Details about our runs, schedule, routes, events, and contact info can all be found on on the Running From The Law Facebook page!
Contact: John Alsbergas (

Phi Delta Phi  
Phi Delta Phi is an international legal fraternity established in 1869 and is one of the oldest legal organizations in North America.  With over 200,000 members, including notable judges and public figures, it is also the world’s largest legal fraternity of legal students and practitioners.   
The Rand Inn, UWO’s chapter, is focused on celebrating individuals in the law school community who contribute to the law school and broader community.  Those interested in membership should contact the President directly. 
If you are interested in leading this fraternity please contact SLS VP Student Affairs Victor Pirone (

South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA)   
The South Asian Law Students' Association (SALSA) is open to all those in the Western Law community who are curious to learn more about the South Asian legal community, culture, and cuisine. SALSA aims to add to the diversity of clubs already present at Western Law by providing students yet another opportunity to get involved in the school's community. We hope to provide members with networking opportunities with practitioners and peers through lectures, panels, and social events.
Contact: Gurpreet Farmaha ( and Jasleen Chahal (

Tax Law Association (TLA)
The Tax Law Association (TLA) aims to provide students with unique opportunities to explore and demystify the fascinating field of tax law. Tax is a field that touches on a wide range of disciplines, including business, economics, and policy. We will hold speaker events to introduce students to the basics of tax law as well as to discuss current tax issues. We will also organize firm tours to help foster connections with tax practitioners and firms in the legal community.
Contact: Travis Bertrand ( & Karen Luu (

UWO Law Card and Board Game Society
The UWO Law Card and Board Game Society provides a setting in which UWO Law students can have fun and get to know one another outside the classroom by playing card and board games. By organizing games nights, we aim to promote a diversity of options for those looking for social activities at UWO Law. Visit us on Facebook.
Contact: James Young ( & Arvin Manhas (

Western Environmental Law Association  
The Western Environmental Law Association (“WELA”) aims to create awareness and interest in environmental law. 
Contact: Meredith Baker ( and Luke Sinclair (

Western Intellectual Property Association   
WIPA's mandate is to promote student interest in the areas of intellectual property law through the participation and organization of activities involving members from academia, industry, and practice in the new economy.  The association meets on an informal basis to discuss current issues in copyright, patent, and trademark law, as well as some of the hottest developments in the IP world. 
Contact: Michele Clarizio (

Western Journal of Legal Studies
The Western Journal of Legal Studies is Western Law’s student run, online, open access law review. The WJLS is the only formal law review run exclusively by the Faculty of Law at Western. The Journal was created to foster legal scholarship by providing a forum for students to participate in the review, editing, and publication of a legal journal. In terms of content, we focus on contributions to Canadian law and international law that are novel, non-obvious, and useful. The Journal welcomes diverse and historically underrepresented perspectives. Though the Journal was started in 2012, it has already garnered 22,000 downloads. The Journal was named the Student Legal Society’s Association of the Year 2013-2014.

The WJLS is one of the most prestigious, interesting, and fulfilling extra-curricular activities available to Canadian law students, and it is only open to students at Western Law. Every year, the Editorial Board seeks a team of between 15 and 25 1L Staff Editors to join its ranks. Staff Editors are the backbone of the Journal; they are responsible for citation checking, copyediting, and substantive clarification. Staff Editors are also the primary pool for all editorial positions of greater responsibility, and access to the credited WJLS upper year course. The WJLS is a phenomenal opportunity to develop crucial legal research and writing skills.

If you are interested in joining our team, please visit our September Clubs Day table. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. You can view downloads live here. We look forward to meeting you! – The Editorial Team of the WJLS
Contact: Sean Lewis (

Western Law French Society (La société française de Western Law)
La société française de Western Law donne aux étudiant(e)s de Western Law l’occasion d’améliorer ou de maintenir leurs compétences linguistiques en français et leur compréhension orale du français pendant leurs années à Western Law.  Vous serez bien accueilli(e) par la société, peu importe vos compétences linguistiques en français. La société offre des heures de conversation pour tous les niveaux, ainsi que les événements sociaux et culturels.

La société française de Western Law (Western Law French Society) provides an opportunity to Western law students to improve or maintain their French-language skills during their time at Western. The society is open to all students of all abilities of French. The society will offer conversation hours for all levels as well as social and cultural events.
Contact: Ashley Chu (

Western Law Karaoke Organization
The Western Law Karaoke Organization organizes fun filled karaoke nights throughout the year at various bars throughout London.  These nights generally fall on Sundays and Mondays.  Look for our next event in the Daily News.   
Contact: The Western Law Karaoke Organization is currently deratified. If you are interested in leading this organization please contact SLS VP Student Affairs Victor Pirone (

Western Law Rugby Association
The Western Law Rugby Association is open to all those in the Western Law community who are interested in touch Rugby! We will be running:touch games, socials, fundraising events, and participate in either 7s or 15s rugby games in the spring.
Contact: Ian Mutter ( & George Hall (

Western Law Squash Organization
The Western Law Squash Organization is a recreational squash league for Western Law Students of all skill levels. In 2012-13, the league featured around 70 participants, both students and professors, in 5 divisions. The league will feature a 2 seasons (and playoffs) for each of the Fall and Winter terms.
Contact: The Western Law Squash Organization is currently deratified. If you are interested in leading this organization please contact SLS VP Student Affairs Victor Pirone (

Western's Animal Law Society
LACOW is the Western Chapter of the Student Animal Legal Defence Fund. Students with various legal interests meet to learn about the relatively new area of Animal Law and to discuss their perspective on the issues. The society hosts speakers discussing the various aspects of Animal Law including criminal law, environmental public interest, and international animal laws.
Contact: Western's Animal Law Society is currently deratified. If you are interested in leading this organization please contact SLS VP Student Affairs Victor Pirone (