100 Years of Canadian Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law

Middlesex College clock tower

Western University Faculty of Law
London, Ontario, Canada

May 22-23, 2020

The Faculty of Law at Western University will host a conference to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the coming into force of the Bankruptcy Act 1919, the basis of Canada’s modern bankruptcy and insolvency regime. The conference will provide an opportunity to reflect upon the evolution of bankruptcy and insolvency law (including corporate restructuring) in Canada and internationally, and to identify the challenges that lie ahead for scholars, policymakers and the courts.

Invited Guest Speakers

Day 1
Welcome: Dean Erika Chamberlain, Western Faculty of Law.
Keynote Address: Madam Justice Sarah Pepall, Ontario Court of Appeal. “Evolution or Revolution: 100 years of Change”
Dinner Address: Professor Charles Tabb, University of Illinois College of Law. “Reflections on the Centennial of Canadian Bankruptcy: Comparative Insights from the U.S. Experience”

Day 2
Opening Address: Professor Iain Ramsay, Kent Law School. “The Future of Personal Insolvency”
Closing Remarks: Elisabeth Lang, Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada. “Canadian Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law: Views from the Superintendent of Bankruptcy on the Next 100 Years”

Co-Convenors: Professors Thomas Telfer and Alfonso Nocilla.

Conference proceedings and accommodations: Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre