Frankie Young

Frankie Young

Academic Degrees:

B.A.(Dist) (Crandall), J.D. (University of Saskatchewan), LL.M. (University of Saskatchewan), Ph.D. (Candidate) (University of Ottawa)

Phone: 519 661-2111 ext. 87543
Office: LB 110

Kwe’, I am a Mi’kmaw woman who is passionate about bringing to the legal academy important and meaningful legal research and teaching areas related to how Indigenous laws, customs and traditions and western legal systems can co-exist and benefit from each other. Disseminating information on how both systems can be used to advance the economic position of Indigenous peoples in Canada is a large part of my research focus. In my view this is a critical time in Canada for this to happen.

As an educator I love to teach students about the first inhabitants and guardians of the land and resources in Canada and how Indigenous peoples are a critical part of the economic fabric in the Canadian market economy. Indigenous entrepreneurs and communities bring unique perspectives and creative talent and products to the market and coming generations will be important contributors to this end.

I am currently involved in several critical legal research projects that provide comprehensive research on ways to expand and reform the laws that impact Indigenous economic growth. The mandate of these projects is to research and explore how both Indigenous laws and western laws can be harnessed to improve Indigenous economies in Canada. I work with a view to disseminating readily accessible information to scholars, lawyers, government representatives and Indigenous policymakers on the ways in which the law either supports or inhibits Indigenous economic development. Contributing to the conversation around the economic position of Indigenous peoples will create meaningful progress in moving forward in a reconciliatory manner.

Research Interests/Specializations: Indigenous economic development and self-government, Indigenous law, trust law, property law, banking and finance law, business law and secured property transactions.