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Community Legal Services

Community Legal Services provides free legal advice and representation to members of the community, and to Fanshawe College and Western students. We are funded by Legal Aid Ontario, Fanshawe Student's Council, the University Students Council, and Faculty of Law. 

Over 200 students work in our clinic over the course of the academic year under the supervision of experienced lawyers.


In 1998, the Ontario government enacted the Legal Aid Services Act in which the province renewed and strengthened its commitment to legal aid. The Act established Legal Aid Ontario (LAO), an independent but publicly funded and publicly accountable non-profit corporation, to administer the province’s legal aid program.


LAO’s mandate in the Legal Aid Services Act, is to "promote access to justice throughout Ontario for low-income individuals by means of providing consistently high quality legal aid services in a cost-effective and efficient manner."


Criminal Law and Provincial Offences

Potential clients must meet our financial guidelines.

We represent clients who are charged with less serious criminal charges (called summary conviction charges) under the Criminal Code of Canada or the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

We will also represent clients where the matter involves tickets worth six points or more, as well as charges under other provincial statutes and some City of London by-law offences.

We only represent persons who are not eligible to receive a legal aid certificate from the Legal Aid Area Office.

Young persons under age 18 will only be accepted as client after they have applied for and been denied Legal Aid. These clients will be required to bring with them a Notice of Refusal from Legal Aid before we will accept them.

Landlord and Tenant

Potential clients must meet our financial guidelines

CLS represents tenants (under the Residential Tenancies Act) in matters such as:

Hearings for these disputes are held either in the Landlord Tenant Board or in the Small Claims Court.

Small Claims Court

Potential clients must meet our financial guidelines

We represent clients in Small Claims Court matters where the amount in dispute is more than $2,500.00 and less than $25,000.00.   If we cannot represent someone, we refer them to other community resources, including our "self help" Small Claims Court Project.  Please call CLS for more details.

Wills and Powers of Attorney

Potential clients must meet our financial guidelines

We complete wills and powers of attorney for low-income seniors and persons with an illness or disability in London-Middlesex.

Academic Appeals

CLS will represent UWO students in their academic appeals. However, our role is limited to representing students before the Senate Review Board Academic (SRBA), which is the final step in the appeal process. We also assist Fanshawe College students with academic appeals.

Intellectual Property

CLS will advise and represent clients on copyright, privacy and confidentiality matters.  CLS will provide advice in patent and trademark law.  CLS will not register a patent or trademark.

Family Law

Potential clients must meet our financial guidelines. 

Their matter must also fall within the jurisdiction of the London Family Court.  Those who are not accepted will be provided with summary advice, where possible, and/or a referral to another service or agency.

Law students, under the supervision of a family lawyer, can provide assistance with the following issues:

Community Legal Serivces may also be able to assist individuals with the following issues:

Our student caseworkers can help individuals identify their family law issues before and after court proceedings have started to determine the most appropriate course of action.  Student caseworkers will then work on behalf of the clients and can provide the following services:

Clients are responsible for their own court filing fees and disbursement costs, where applicable.  Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to assist individuals with the following matters:

Criminal Injuries Compensation Claim

Potential clients must meet our financial guidelines. 

We assist victims of crime with applications to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board.

Human Rights

Potential clients must meet our financial guidelines. 

We assist with claims under the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Human Rights Act.

Community Mediation Services

These services are provided by our Dispute Resolution Centre.

Immigration: For UWO Students Only

We assist UWO students with Permanent Resident Applications and Skilled Worker Applications.

Those seeking assistance with these matters are required to attend a workshop.  They are held monthly and potential clients must pre-resigter online is available at:  http://grad.uwo.ca/events/clsscheduler/index.cfm .

Notarial Services, Statutory Declarations and Certified Documents
Witnessing and Commissioning of Documents 

This service has been suspended but will be resumed in the near future.

Public Legal Education

Started in 2004, our Public Legal Education (PLE) program is aimed at social agencies and non-profit organizations, their staffs, and their clients. We will appear at seminars to provide information on legal issues they face day-to-day. As well, we produce newspaper columns for local newspapers and conduct special programs for youth in the community.


We provide continuing legal education opportunities to new members of the Bar (up to 2 years call). Read more