Western Law

Graduate Programs

Welcome from the Dean and Graduate Director

Dean W. Iain ScottMessage from Dean W. Iain Scott

I am excited to be part of one of Canada’s fastest growing graduate law programs.  Since establishing Western Law’s LLM program in 2005, we have recently instituted both an MSL program (for students without prior legal training) and a PhD in law. Our faculty are excited and eager to be involved with our graduate students. Despite our relatively short graduate program history, our graduate students have already begun to establish a track record of scholarly publications and enhanced career opportunities.

Western Law aims to provide a supportive environment for all of its graduate students. You will be supported in your work by your supervisor and your individual course professors, and will be welcome to particpate with faculty members in scholarly events such as our Faculty Seminar Series. The structure and delivery of each of of our graduate programs will give you the opportunity to experience the camaraderie and support of your fellow graduate students and the graduate student support provided by Western University, one of Canada’s top ten research institutions. We look forward to welcoming you to our scholarly and collegial community.

Message from Graduate Director, Professor Randal Graham

Randal GrahamWelcome to the Faculty of Law at Western University. Our dedicated research-focused faculty can guide you in the scholarly exploration of many areas. You can pursue studies in areas as diverse as Business Law, Information Law, Intellectual Property, Environmental Law, Criminal or Tort Law, Legal Philosophy, International Law, Human Rights Law, Aboriginal Rights, Legal History or Trade Law. Our graduates are well positioned to pursue careers in academia (both in law and in other disciplines), to grow in their chosen professions, and to pursue further degrees. We welcome you to join us to do advanced scholarly work and to think critically about the role of law in our society.